Auto-Pilot Hears The “Philby” Request and Gets Played on “Theme Attic!!!”

The Philby Award

I always think that I will have the opportunity to post more about the Philbys, my year ending award lists for songs and albums. Unfortunately, I usually don’t have time to do that.

However, something has spurred me to write another almost year ending post.

When I posted my most recent Philby entry, I received some responses, but Auto-Pilot, a musical artist in the U.K., offered to send something that was not within the time-frame I was requesting.

I did, however, request music regardless of the year because I am always interested in “good” music!

Well, Auto-Pilot felt that they had a 2012 release that they were very proud of. So, they sent me a track to check out. I don’t like receiving only one track from an album. I prefer to check out a complete work, much like reading a full book rather than just a chapter.

They obliged and I received a copy of  their album, “The Atlantic Machine.”

I posted my Philby article on Sunday. On Wednesday, I played the song “Life” from the album on my Wednesday morning “Theme Attic Suitest Day” show.

I didn’t know the artist on Sunday morning. By Wednesday, I played a song by them that went around the world!

I didn’t know that I would play a track by Auto-Pilot, but it fit what I was looking for. It usually takes a lot longer than that, but because I do themes, I never quite know what I’m looking for at any given moment.

Some of my favorite artists were last second decisions for one of my shows!

All of my radio shows feature new tracks that I’ve never played before.

I now do four two-part seasonal new music showcases that feature 100% selections from albums that I have never played before, with the exception of artists in town that week, if I choose to play something by one of them. However, it would still be a song that I had not previously played on a show.

If you have not yet submitted something for Philby consideration, I would think of doing so. If I were a musician out there, I would want someone like me to be there for them in the media.

So, if you’ve made some music dating back as far as 2015, I will accept that music for consideration. When it comes to independent self-released projects, an artist may not know how to get their product marketed or recognized. It may take a couple of years to figure that part of it out.

If you have something older than 2015, send that, too, but identify the release date. I’m always looking for GREAT music.

For the Philbys, I’m looking for full albums, however, if you only have a good single, send me that, too. Don’t forget that I also have a Philby Hot Songs list. But don’t send me an incomplete album.

Don’t edit for me.

I hate that, and I would probably disqualify the selection.

Don’t send me links to listen to music. That’s not how I listen to music and I probably won’t listen if you send me a link to stream it. Either send me the album to download or request my mailing address for a physical copy.

More than likely, if your music came out later than May, it may not show up on the 2018 list. It’s not impossible, but I’m just being honest. I like to have music on my lists that I’ve been playing all year and not knock something off my list for something that I haven’t played. I hate it that many year-end lists by music magazines or other sources will often include several selections that were released in late November and early December. How convenient for those artists. An album is a piece of art that has to survive several listens to see if it should qualify as viable.

I will accept any genre of music. I like a variety of styles, even on the same album!

At the least, your music will either be your last chance for this year’s Philby lists, or a first call for next year’s.

Regardless, please e-mail your mp3s, and please make sure it is an mp3 only, to

If you want a physical address or have other questions, please e-mail me at the same address. Because selections will be considered for more than a single year, there isn’t an expiration date at the present.

If you want someone who will actually listen to your music, I am that person.

If you want some recognition for working hard and baring your soul, that might be me, too. I can’t make any promises, but I will listen to your music.

If you are reading this and are not a musician but know someone who is, please forward this to them.

Good luck to all who participate!

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