One of the Greatest Songs Ever Recorded: “Song of the Lower Classes” by Windborne!!!

For as long as I’ve been on the radio, and definitely for as long as I’ve been writing a blog, I will occasionally make a reference to a song being “One of the Greatest Songs Ever Recorded!” (GSER)

I would usually follow that by saying that I would eventually start a category for it, but then never get around to it.

Well, now I’m getting around to it!

It will pretty much follow the pattern of The Most Awesomest Song of the Day.

I’ll select a song to celebrate and then give my thoughts about it. Nothing really brand new here that hasn’t been done before. But since I have a website, I can collect them and lay out what my own greatest songs are.

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Even though I always emphasize new music and artists, it’s always fun to take a short drive through the legendary artists, since they influenced those other artists!

But a song doesn’t have to be old or done by a legendary Theme Attic Hall of Fame member to be thus honored.

I can think of several songs that are only a few years old or less that I could identify as One of the Greatest Songs Ever Recorded.

This will be fun, and hopefully you will join me on my journey…at least sometimes!


I first “met” Windborne almost four years ago.

It was at a time when I was feeling very low about the 2016 inauguration.

Let’s face it. The talk was of American carnage .

And just when I thought all that was left was despair, a video popped up in my Facebook feed with a group of singers in the cold and snow, taking a downtrodden song right to his main hotel!


Somebody was singing for me!

And to me!

Here’s a clip of that fateful day:

I wasn’t the only one that was moved by Windborne.

They used that clip to raise interest in their eventual 2017 Philby Award winning album, Song on the Times.”

One of the few times that I anticipatedly waited to see someone in concert finally took place when they played at Stone House Concerts in Detroit.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was surprised and delighted!

It was a unique experience minus microphones!

It was four beautiful, harmonizing voices and a couple of “folk” instruments.

Talk about being “unplugged!” Ha!

And it was right there in front of you: everything laid out there to be experienced!

There were labor songs, folk ballads, a foreign language wedding song, and even a couple of fun tunes!

A whole spectrum of human emotions were there to experience!

After the show, I asked them to sing on my next radio show, and they agreed since they had a day between gigs.

It was another unique, vibrant show featuring many songs that they didn’t sing at the house concert!

They even recorded a theme song for me that I still use!

Fast forward to October 2020, and Windborne are working on a new album, “Of Hard Times and Harmony,” and they are looking for some help to release it.

Besides everything that I said previously about them, they demonstrate a couple of concepts that I really like about music:

  • When you sing a song where the originator is deceased, both the song and the artist come alive again! And
  • Windborne fully believe, as do I, that music can change people’s hearts, and therefore, the world, too!

Those are two attributes about music that I love the most!

Here’s the link for the new album:  

Lynn, Will, Lauren, and Jeremy have gone around the world bringing down barriers in several languages.

Windborne accomplishes that by believing in what they do, and showing their own heart in every show!

They are now prepared to bring a whole new group of songs that they’ve researched for years.

Deserving that their voices be heard, Windborne deliver the very lowly song of the lower classes.

One of the Greatest Songs Ever Recorded is “Song of the Lower Classes” by Windborne!!!


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