It’s the Theme Attic Grand Philbynale, Wednesday, 2PM-415PM EDT!!!

It only happens once a year!!!
Wednesday’s Theme Attic from 2PM-415PM EDT with host Phil Maq, will guide listeners through this year’s “Philbynale: which is The Philby Top 20 Album Countdown of 2020!!!
It is the apex of the Philbys, my award for brilliant musical achievement!
There are twelve Southeast Michigan artists in the Top 20–a formidable number for this segment of the Countdown!
14 of this year’s albums feature women musicians!
Songs by artists on the show will include The Steve Taylor Three, Ariane Lydon, Amy Petty (Her album cover for “The Darkness of Birds” is in the banner in the bottom row to the right!), Becki Digregorio, Randall Sly, Tim King, Chris Church Music (Futureman Records), Mollywop (Their album cover for “Stand Up!” is on the far right of the album covers in the banner!), Eddie Arjun, Erin Zindle, Judy Banker (Her album cover for “Buffalo Motel” is third from the left in the banner!), Wendy Webb, Dick Siegel, Linden Thoburn (Lindenthoburnmusic) (Her album cover for “Scarecrow” is second from the left in the banner!), Jon Shain and FJ Ventre, Angela Perley/Erica Blinn, The Whiskey Charmers (Their album cover for “Lost on the Range” is in the banner in the lower left!), Rochelle Clark, George Stephen Kelly, Tracy Kash Music Page (Her album cover for “Fierce” is in the upper left corner of the banner!), DownRiver Dan, and Nora Jane Struthers!!!
Grab a tuxedo or a formal gown, a good luck charm, invite several friends to listen, too, and come along for the ride Wednesday from 2PM-415PM EDT with Phil Maq!
Tune in to 89.3 WHFR.FM in the Dearborn-Detroit area, ask Alexa or Siri to find the station for you, or use this special “Philbynale” link: to stream it!!!
Feel free to share!
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