Philby 2021 Songs Grand Finale on Wednesday!!! Unofficial Philby Hot 100 Songs of 2021 Countdown #8!!!

The Philby Award

The Philby Best Albums of 2021 Countdown has three more segments left.

However, I feel that it is the right time to wrap up The Philby Hot 100 Songs Countdown, and it will happen this Wednesday, June 15, 2022!

Since this is my 10th year picking my favorites, I am planning to have a bonus segment looking back over the previous years!!!

It will all take place on Wednesday from 12PM-4PM EDT!!!

This is the last “unofficial” Countdown for the 2021 songs:

21.Better Than Gold—Erica Blinn (Better Than Gold)

22.Trust Somebody—Billy Brandt and The Sugarees (Riverside)

23.Born Again—Judy Banker (Buffalo Motel)

24.Learn—Nina and The Buffalo Riders (For the Dirt)

25.Give It Away Again—M.J. Bishop (Give It Away Again)

26.If You Only Knew—Bill Edwards (Sounds Like Love)

27.Always in Between—Tom Curless and The 46% (Almost Ready for the Future)

28.Real Love—Wolf B. Reuter (Hour of the Wolf)

29.The Power of Love—Lucrecia Lopez Sanz (Single)

30.Control—The Cordial Sins (Only Humans)

31.North Country—Sam Corbin (North Country)

32.Every Day—Mental Health Day (You Could Be Anywhere)

33.Bad Babe, Losing Touch—The Claudettes (High Times in the Dark)

34.Angels Fly—Johnny Irion (Driving Friend)

35.Save All My Cryin’ (For Sunday Afternoon)—Vicky Emerson (Wake Me Up When the Wind Dies Down)

36.Starcrossed Losers—The Fratellis (In Your Own Sweet Time)

37.The Hewry Highwayman—Bill Grogan’s Goat (Third Eye)

38.Dichotomy of Disbelief—Latvian Radio

39.The Lucky One—Mark Jewett (The Lucky One)

40.How Will You Go—Sugar Snow (Woodface Reimagined)

41.Outside of This Town—Christone “Kingfish” Ingram (Kingfish)

42.Make Up Your Mind—Heathcote Hill (Fight Another Day)

43.Solo—Arnold Mitchem (Single)

44.Life Out of Control—Linden Thoburn (Scarecrow)

45.No Way to Live—Mike Ward (The Darkness and The Light)

46.Jesus on the Dash—Vegas Strip Kings (Jackpot!)

47.Stuck in a Rhyme—Cool King Chris (Paradigm Shift)

48.Turn My Heat On—Scott Greeson with Warriors, Zombies, and Other Joedai Pilgrims (Collaboration)

49.Too Cold to Cry—Lindsay Beaver (Tough As Love)

50.Time Flies By—Gary Browe (Red Sky Remembers)

51.Never Let You Go—Biltmore (Revolutions and Romantics)

52.Long Gone—Karen Nash (Love and Justice)

53.Split Decision—Popular Creeps (Single)

54.This Morning—Ben Levin with Bob Corritore (Before Me)

55.Keep Diggin’—The Stone Souls (The Stone Souls)

56.Built to Break—Mike Galbraith (Here, Elsewhere)

57.Lightspeed—Steve Leaf and The Ex—Pats (Lightspeed)

58.Snake Wine—Transit Method (We Won’t Get Out of Here Alive)

59.Show Them It’s True—The Simon Kennedy Band (Make Up Your Mind)

60.Object Permanence—Sydney Sprague (Maybe I Will See You at the End of the World)

61.Time Goes By—Territorial Chant (Territorial Chant 6)

62.Power Thru—Rick Mummey with Warriors, Zombies, and Other Joedai Pilgrims (Collaboration)

63.I Feel Like My Old Self—Nora Jane Struthers (Bright Lights, Long Drives, First Words)

64.Quarantine Dream—Scott Martin (Quarantine Dream)

65.Stuck in Orbit—Xposed 4Heads (Ultra Sound)

66.Little Miss Night and Day—Boz Scaggs (Out of the Blues)

67.Peculiar—The Slackers (Peculiar)

68.Pirates—Joanna and The Jaywalkers (The Open Sea Before Me)

69.River of Tears—Upstairs Party (Upstairs Party)

70.Graveyard Train—Wild Ponies (Radiant)

71.Lonesome City—Dave Karchner (Lonesome Town)

72.My Mother Gave the World to Me—Jubilant Bridge

73.Turn Up Your TV—Michael Snyder—Barker (Tales of Whoa!)

74.The Original Swing—Seth Bernard (Eggtones for Fun)

75.Analise—Inland Isle (Time Has Changed Us)

76.Black Patch—Kelsey Waldon (White Lines/White Noise)

77.Sweet Marie—Strawberry Heritage (Light Magic)

78.Go to Girl—Travis Bowlin (Secondus)

79.Hard Times—Sublunar Minds (Into a Future Bright and Beautiful)

80.The Warning—Robin Tucker (The Way Out)

81.Then There Was You—Steve Sterner and Sundown (November Rain)

82. Consolation Prize—Jeremy Porter and The Tucos with Jennifer Westwood (Don’t Worry, It’s Not Contagious)

83.Long Way Back—Terri Binion (The Day After the Night Before)

84.Talk to Me—Makoto (Spirit of the Island)

85.Radar Contact—TR3 featuring Tim Reynolds (The Sea Versus the Mountain)

86.House of the Rising Sun—Johnny Mastro and Mama’s Boys (Never Trust the Living)

87.Here Comes Love—Robert Stark (Robert Stark)

88.Did It All—Gogol Bordello (Seekers and Finders)

89.All We Ever Have Is Now—Valerie JanLois (No Drop of Love Is Ever Wasted)

90.Storyline—Trio of Awesuhm (Cowboys and Aliens)

91.Nuthin’ to Me—Suzi Moon (Call the Shots)

92.When She Smiles—Kevin Lockhart and Bill Bosler (Waterbound)

93.Berlin—Karolina Rose (Invicta)

94.Escape Route—Jordi (Single)

95.Got Me Glued—The Transparent Tones (Lovely)

96.Summer in a Bottle—Marvin Etzioni (Single)

97.I Gotta Dance to Keep From Crying—Tom Faia and Kate Miller (Harry’s Place)

98.On and On—Tin Sparrow (Shoelace Ring)

99.Be a Good Girl—CJ Ramone (American Beauty)

100.Train to Nowhere—Hannah’s Field (Revolutionary Soldiers)


Here’s a section on submissions:

I am accepting entries for Philby consideration!

The album selections are made from a sliding four year pool of music.

The pool for 2022 is 2019-2022.

One of the reasons that I use a multiple year submission scale is that just getting music out to the world is sometimes difficult for an artist.

A lot of them are not really wired for self promotion.

Making music is totally different than drumming up interest in it, especially for independent musicians.

Yes, there are promoters that can help with that. And nothing against promoters because they have a role to play. But they cost money, and the artist already had to pay to record the music, and may not be prepared for the process of promoting it.

After looking at how some other independent awards are handled, I figured a four year window allows me enough time to serendipitously run across someone’s music.

I have told this story several times, but I try very hard to listen to everything that is submitted.

Although I work on my list, starting literally on January 1st, using a four year sliding window, I carry over some of what would qualify from the prior years.

So, if you’ve made some music dating back as far as 2019, I will accept that music for consideration.

If you have something older than 2019, send that, too, but identify the release date. I’m always looking for GREAT music.

For the Philbys, I’m looking for full albums.

However, if you only have a single, I’ll accept that, too. Don’t forget that I also have a Philby Hot Songs list, and more artists are releasing singles these days.

But please don’t send me an incomplete album if you have one.

So, please don’t edit for me.

I dislike that and I might not even check out the item. I don’t know why anyone would only send selected songs instead of their whole work of art for consideration.

Please don’t send me links to listen to music. That’s not how I listen to music.  And I probably won’t listen to it if you send me a link to stream it. Either send me the album to download or request my mailing address to send a physical copy.

Every year I say that if your item came out later than May, it may not end up on this year’s list. So it’s possible that submissions entered now may only be considered for 2021. (It sounds so good to think of 2020 being finished!)

However, this year will be totally different than other years. I have not received any where near the amount of releases that I normally do.

It might be an excellent year to send a submission.

I will accept any genre of music. I like a variety of styles, even on the same album!

So, please e-mail your mp3s, and please make sure it is an mp3 only, to

If you want a physical address or have other questions, please e-mail me at the same address. Because selections will be considered for more than a single year, there isn’t an expiration date at the present.

If you want someone who will actually listen to your music, I am that person.

If you want some recognition for working hard and baring your soul, that might be me, too. I can’t make any promises, but I will listen to your music.

If you are reading this and are not a musician but know someone who is, please forward this to them.

Good luck to all who participate!

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