The Philby Top 20 Songs of 2021 and More on Wednesday’s “Theme Attic,” 12PM-4PM EDT!!!

This is probably the biggest show I’ve ever done for several reasons!
I’m referring to this Wednesday’s “Theme Attic” with Phil Maq from 12PM-4PM EDT!!!
In general, this show will be one of the two biggest shows I will do this year!
It’s because this is The Philby Top 20 Hot Songs of 2021!!!
That would be big enough on its own!
But this show will have not only the Song Finale, but also include not one, but TWO MORE COUNTDOWNS!!!
The first one will get the show rollin’ with this week’s Top 9 at 12:09 Album Countdown!
That will be followed by The Top 20 Songs Countdown at about 1PM!
And then, there will be a very special Philby Countdown!
This will be possibly the only time I ever do this one!
Since this is my tenth year selecting my favorites, I am putting together a Philby Countdown of the 9 #1 Philby Songs from the previous nine years!
I might be crazy, but that’s what the Top 9 at 3:09 will consist of!
Like I said before: My biggest show ever!
On top of that, there will be some additional Father’s Day songs and wedding songs for June brides!!!
Can I pull it off?
Who knows! Tune in to find out!
I will divide the tags into sections, but they will only be an estimate. I can’t guarantee that everything will fit into those slots, but I will try very hard to stick to them!
Oh, one last thing: there are 2 artist debuts, 1 new release, and 24 (??!!) songs by artists with Southeast Michigan connections!!!
Songs by artists from 12PM-1PM EDT will include Donna Herula, Jay Elle, brand new Jesca Hoop, The Forty Nineteens, Marty and Laura Kohn, Mike Ward: PsychoSongs, The Armoires, Edwardsongs, Matthew French, Rod Johnson, and Steve Taylor Acoustic!!!
Songs by artists from the end of the Philbys (around 2:50PM) until 4PM EDT should include Edwardsongs, Gary Browe Music, Randy Cherkis, Jillian Rae, Olivia Dear, Scott Martin BAND, Mike Gentry Music, Wendy Webb, Angela Perley, Joanie Leeds, Erin Zindle & The Ragbirds, Jessica Dayle, Adam Aguilar with Aranda!!!
So grab a water bottle you can spray yourself with (The weather outside isn;t the only place that’s gonna be hot!), get a friend or two to listen or share with, and come along for the ride on this special show Wednesday from 12PM-4PM EDT with Phil Maq!
However, you can also stream the show from the “listen live button” on the www.WHFR.FM website, by the TuneIn App, Simple Radio App, download the 89.3 WHFR.FM android app from our website homepage, or ask Alexa to find it for you!
Here’s a special itdoesn’tgetbetterthan Philbys link to stream it :!!!
Feel free to share and spread the fun!
If you like what you see, don’t forget to spread the word by hitting the “like” button on my Phil Maq page!








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