2015 Philby Album Award Winners

The Best Albums of 2015

Philby Album of the Year 2015


1. Wake—Nora Jane Struthers (BEST ALBUM)

Philby Album Winner 2015
2. It Only Gets Darker—Andy and The Pandys (BEST ANGST ALBUM)

Philby Album Winner 2015
3. This Is the Moment—Wendy Webb (BEST POP ALBUM)
4. The Widening Gyre—Altan [Hall of Fame] (BEST CELTIC ALBUM)
5. Swirling Among the Stars—Building Birds (BEST “BIG SOUND” ALBUM)
6. At the Edge of Disaster—The Blueflowers (BEST NOIR ALBUM)
7. Lullaby…and The Ceaseless Roar—Robert Plant (BEST INVENTIVE ALBUM)
8. The Instrumentals—Mick Clarke (BEST INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM)
9. Straight Up Boogaloo—The Muggs (BEST ROCK ALBUM)
10. New Flower, Volume 2—Seth and May (BEST ALL GENRE ALBUM)
11. Burn the Plan—Good Lovelies (BEST HARMONIES)
12. Howdy Duty—The Brazilian Johnsons (BEST ROCK EP)
13. Let the Good Times Roll—JD McPherson (BEST OLD SCHOOL ALBUM)
14. Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive—The Prefab Messiahs (BEST GARAGE BAND ALBUM)
15. My Good Side/My Bad Side—Shwizz (BEST JAZZ/ROCK)
16. 16 Winters—G.S. Harper (BEST REAL COUNTRY ALBUM)
17. Healing Waters—Michael on Fire (BEST FOLK/ROCK ALBUM)
18. Postcards from Paradise—Ringo Starr [Hall of Fame] (BEST SOLO BEATLE ALBUM)
19. Steve Earle—Terraplane (BEST BLUES ALBUM)
20. Searching for Neverland—Annie and Rod Capps (BEST FOLK ALBUM)
21. Standing in the Breach—Jackson Browne (BEST LYRICS)
22. Dogwood Roots—Rob Larkin and The Wayward Ones (BEST FEEL GOOD ALBUM)
23. No More Heroes—Victims of Circumstance (BEST SKA ALBUM)
24. Hand in Hand—Richie Furay (BEST “ALMOST POCO” ALBUM)
25. Yes Indeed!—Kenny Parker (BEST LOCAL BLUES ALBUM)
26. Greetings From This Town—Jennifer Westwood and The Handsome Devils (BEST COUNTRY/ROCK ALBUM)
28. Ionia—Lindsay Lou and The Flatbellys (BEST AMERICANA ALBUM)
29. Dr. Sutherland and His Traveling Hospital—These Curious Thoughts (BEST CONCEPT ALBUM)
30. EP1—Nina and The Buffalo Riders (BEST LOCAL ROCK EP)
31. It Tastes a Little Sweeter—Pill Hill
32. Storytone—Neil Young
33. Eclectic—Eric Johnson and Mike Stern
34. I Can’t Stop—Bodeans
35. Zander the Great—Zander Michigan
36. This Is My Day—Michelle Hanson
37. Without You—Downriver Dan
38. Suddenly—Fubar
39. Meshugana!—Joanie Leeds & The Night Lights (BEST ETHNIC ALBUM)
40. Harmonizm—T—Bird and The Breaks
41. 1000 Palms—Surfer Blood
42. Nelo—Nelo
43. Made Violent—Made Violent
44. Come and Find It—Jill Suttie
45. The Daredevil Kid—Craig Moreau (BEST CANADIAN REAL COUNTRY ALBUM)
46. In Lust We Trust—MPV
47. Rips—Ex—Hex
48. Fistful of Hollow—Swingin’ Utters
49. No Time to Lose—Ransom and The Subset
50. The Whiskey Charmers—The Whiskey Charmers
51. Second Hand Heart—Dwight Yoakam
52. Bad Sports—Miniboone
53. Illustrated Bird—The Hangabouts
54. Minimal Gods—Happy Family
55. An’ When I Die—The Dirty Dirty Dollars
56. No Cities to Love—Sleater-Kinney
57. Chris Emmerson—Chris Emmerson
58. Holy Bones—Mary Bue
59. Tilted World—The Relatives
60. Prisoner—Matt Besey
61. Youngstown Milk Run—The Prime Ministers
62. The Monsanto Years—Neil Young + Promise of the Real
63. Core—Arjun
64. Country EP No.1—Nora Jane Struthers and The Party Line
65. Temptress—The Hot Moms
66. Standard Skies—David Bierman Overdrive
67. Rain or Shine—George Taylor
68. Under a Red Sky Night—Martin Tourish (BEST ACCORDION ALBUM)
69. Parable of the Cave—Gigi Scott and Trouble Town
70. Yaga—Liquid Monk
71. I Want to Grow Up—Colleen Green
72. 72 El Segundo Blvd—The Old Shatterhand
73. Dylan Sires and Neighbors—Dylan Sires and Neighbors
74. The Gasoline Gypsies—The Gasoline Gypsies
75. Ha Ha Heart—Donora
76. Super Sexxxy Sounds—Astronauta Pinguim (BEST BRAZILIAN ALBUM)
77. Way Down South—Igor Prado Band (BEST BLUES COLLABORATION ALBUM)
78. Playland—Johnny Marr
79. A Friend Too Long—Lac La Belle (BEST DETROIT FOLK ALBUM)
80. It’s High Time—Karl W. Davis & The Sweetpeas
81. Music in Search of a Movie—Deane Nesbitt, Jr (BEST DRAMATIC MUSIC)
82. No One Is Lost—Stars
83. Live—Gary Clark Jr. (BEST LIVE ALBUM)
84. What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World—The Decemberists
85. Accidental Truths—Spiraling Suns
86. The Last Shot Got Him—Scott Ainslie (BEST SOLO FOLK ALBUM)
87. Bury the Night—The Lucky Dutch
88. Lights Out—Bishop Allen
89. Rude Beggar—Nash Albert
90. Whole Sun—Pigpen Theater Company
91. Dumb Music for Smart People—Xposed 4Heads
92. Proper Villains—Stone Clover
93. Room to Run—Jack Tempchin
94. Dusk—Mod Orange
95. My Drinking Problem—McSpillin
96. In This Mess—Toy Guitar
97. 3—Tritone Paradox
98. For the Winter—Brenda Xu
99. Better Off Worse—Mental Health Day
100.Straight Shots—Telamor
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