2017 Philby Song Award Winners

  1. Rather Stay—Olivia Millerschin
  2. Hallelujah—The Pandys (Formerly Andy and The Pandys)[MOST HONEST SONG]
  3. Sinking Feeling—The Hangabouts with Molly Felder [BEST DUET]
  4. River of Time—Ian McFeron
  5. Losing You—Alison Krauss [BEST REMAKE]
  6. Detroit Strong—Tosha Owens [BEST R&B VOCAL]
  7. It Ain’t My Fault—Mark Jewett [BEST BACK UP VOCALS: Jo Serrapere and Jen Sygit]
  8. I’m Glad Trouble Don’t Last Always—Luke Winslow-King [BEST SLIDE GUITAR]
  9. Queen Isabella—The Garden of Soul [BEST ROCK SONG]
  10. Pink Flamingos—Greg Kihn
  11. Change—The Pandys (Formerly Andy and The Pandys)
  12. Electricity—Red City Radio
  13. Seconds—The Turnback
  14. Miles Below—Oak City Roots [BEST POP VOCALl]
  15. Feels So Good—The Record Company
  16. Purple GTO—Sarah Borges and The Broken Singles
  17. O My Soul—American Housewife
  18. River Blue—Michael on Fire [BEST INSTRUMENTAL]
  19. Get It Right—Olivia Millerschin
  20. Mystery Sign—Wendy Webb
  21. He Did It—Samantha Fish
  22. Another Lifetime—Eliza Neals [BEST ROCK VOCAL]
  23. Discrepancies—Mental Health Day
  24. Dreaming of the Fallen Again—Bobby Pennock with Shannon Lee
  25. Crossroad—Arjun
  26. Shelter—Dave Caruso
  27. My City’s on Fire—The Dirk Kroll Band
  28. Blues of Desperation—Joe Bonamassa
  29. Home—Building Birds
  30. It’s About Time—Nick Waterhouse
  31. Gold—Laura Rain and The Caesars
  32. It’s Alright—Common Union 59
  33. No Friends—Best Behavior
  34. The Blues Don’t Care—Frank Bang and The Cook County Kings
  35. Set Me Free—Thornetta Davis [BEST BLUES VOCAL]
  36. Detroit Boulevard—Ray Kaan and Detroit Trouble
  37. Things Inside—Oak City Roots
  38. He Belongs to Me—Alicia Marie
  39. It Serves Me Right—Jo Serrapere and The LaFawndas
  40. One More Time—Eugene Hideaway Bridges
  41. Under Control—The Effort Award
  42. Love Refrigerator—Mark Jewett
  43. Paranormal—Alice Cooper
  44. Try to Make It—Gretchen’s Wheel
  45. Leaving—Angela Perley and The Howlin’ Moons
  46. It Should Have Been Me—Don Arbor
  47. Coming Round—Judy Banker
  48. Bring It on Home to Memphis—Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell
  49. Meet Me at the Bottom—Birth of Joy
  50. She Turns On—Jo Serrapere and The LaFawndas
  51. Don’t Let the Green Grass Fool Ya—George Stephen Kelly
  52. Sad Sad Song—The Wag
  53. Lucky—Scott Fab
  54. Losin’ You—Roy Rogers (Blues Guitarist)
  55. Step Out of Line—Wendy Webb [BEST LYRICS]
  56. Ain’t No Thinkin’ When You’re Drinkin’—The Pole Barn Rebels
  57. I Guess You Don’t Miss That Like I Do—Bill Edwards
  58. Lust and Lies—Vandenberg’s MoonKings
  59. Make It Right—Judy Banker
  60. Always the Same—The Garden of Soul
  61. Right on Time—Dawes
  62. Melody—The Whiskey Charmers
  63. Just When You Think—Nikki James
  64. Each Season—Nora Jane Struthers and The Party Line
  65. Nothing Left—Christa Gniadek
  66. Heal My Wounds—Kristen Toedtman
  67. Way Down Yonder—Signal Flags
  68. The Answer Was You—The Hangabouts
  69. Blood to Roam—The Vegabonds
  70. Eddie’s Song—King Tuff
  71. Silver Lining—Sarah McQuaid
  72. Become—Mental Health Day
  73. Crossing Borderline—Auto-Pilot
  74. Don’t Let Me Win—Kate Jablonski
  75. Don’t Call Me Darlin’—Jeremy Porter and Jillian Rae
  76. If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Now—Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell
  77. I Will Never Know—The Steepwater Band
  78. Passion—Dirty Bourbon River Show
  79. When You’re the Only One—Dylan McDonald and The Avians
  80. Going to a Party—Tommy Z
  81. Turn Around and Go—DownTown Mystic
  82. Something’s Going On—Jessica Lee Wilkes
  83. Brake Accelerator—Signal Flags
  84. Come On, Come On, Come On—Jon Pousette-Dart
  85. Hungry Heart—Mark Lavengood
  86. Love Is Love—Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights
  87. Is This America?—Eric Gnezda
  88. The Life I Got—Greg Kihn
  89. Stupid With Your Love—Courtney Yasmineh
  90. Cut Me Down—The Accidentals
  91. Chariot—Victoria Reed
  92. You Gotta Wait—Voo Davis
  93. Find My Way Home—Diana Chittester
  94. Everyone Comes From Somewhere—Don Arbor
  95. Song of the Lower Classes—Windborne
  96. Shame On Me—Rachel B
  97. Smile—Where’s Keith
  98. Forsaken—Jan King and Medicine Ball
  99. Price Tag (Live)—Sleater-Kinney
  100. Make Me Over (Noddy Holder)—A Fragile Tomorrow

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