2016 Philby Song Award Winners

Hot 100 Songs of 2016


  1. White Doves—Angela Perley and The Howlin’ Moons
  2. A Long Way Home—The Turnback
  3. Superlungs, My Supergirl—Jillian Rae
  4. This Train—Joe Bonamassa
  5. Higher Mountains—Emmylou Harris [Hall of Fame] and Rodney Crowell
  6. Take Me Away—Downriver Dan
  7. Sweet Angel (Studio Version)/Sweet Angel (Video Version)—Magic Kramer
  8. Shine On—Building Birds
  9. Bags of Cool—Tommy Z (Best Instrumental)
  10. Divorcee—Jennifer Westwood and The Handsome Devils (Best Female Vocal)
  11. Shame—Gigi Scott and Trouble Town
  12. I Ain’t Holding Back—Nora Jane Struthers and The Party Line
  13. Swing That Thing—Luke Winslow—King
  14. Love You More—Oak City Roots
  15. Backwoods Royalty—Dylan McDonald and The Avians
  16. Chaperone—The Prime Ministers
  17. Here Comes Your Man—Space Heater
  18. Girl I’m Not Afraid—Ransom and The Subset
  19. Five Days a Week—The Turnback
  20. Let Me Fall—Nora Jane Struthers and The Party Line
  21. Slave—The BoDeans
  22. November—The Hangabouts
  23. Not the One—Raina Randolph
  24. Blowing in the Wind—Sultans of String with Anwar Khurshid
  25. Unsteady—Jubilee Riots with Heather Robb
  26. The Devil Does the Driving—Dismal Swamp Lords
  27. I’m the Boss – Rachel B
  28. Broken Lullaby—Dylan McDonald and The Avians
  29. You and I—Oak City Roots
  30. Crazy Love—Wendy Webb
  31. Happy Birthday, Major Tom—Nervous Germans
  32. Million Out of Me—Ransom and The Subset
  33. Go Ahead Baby—Jessica Lee Wilkes
  34. On My Honor—The Effort Award
  35. Heaven Sent—Best Coast
  36. Is It Wrong—The Relatives
  37. Easy Listening—The Rutles
  38. Sabre—Tooth and Bone—Surfer Blood
  39. Young Girls—PINS
  40. Red Letter Day—Courtney Yasmineh
  41. I Wanna Be Alone (With You)—La Luz
  42. Tugboats—The Brother Brothers
  43. Melancholy Mind—Jill Suttie
  44. One Step Up—Magic Kramer
  45. Temptation—Jeff Healey [Hall of Fame]
  46. Livin’ the Good Life—Jo Serrapere and The LaFawndas
  47. No One Hear But Us Bones—Jen Houston
  48. Talking About Me—The Secrets (DetroitSecrets)
  49. Blue Midnight—Oak City Roots
  50. A Better Day—Rita Hosking
  51. It Shook Me Up—J.D. McPherson
  52. Last Paycheck—Million Sellers
  53. She Makes Me Laugh—The Monkees
  54. You Bring the Summer—The Monkees
  55. Fall in California—Jill Suttie
  56. Southern Side of Me—Whistler’s Father
  57. Clear—Ryan Allen and His Extra Arms
  58. Save All Monsters—Xposed 4Heads
  59. Already Gone—Audra Kubat
  60. Smoke in the Rearview Mirror—The Grave Jinglers
  61. Don’t You Let Them Win—Roy Rogers (Blues Guitarist)
  62. Come and Find It—Jill Suttie
  63. Fake A Way—MiniBoone
  64. 21 Miles to Barstow—The Relatives
  65. All Your Favorite Bands—Dawes
  66. Awkward Stage—Bill Berry
  67. Green Eyes—Angela Perley and The Howlin’ Moons
  68. Unintended Consequence of Love—Bonnie Raitt
  69. Spots of Time—Warren Haynes and Railroad Earth
  70. Stone Tree Fairy—Dylan McDonald and The Avians
  71. Love’s Despair—G.S. Harper
  72. Hear You Me—Building Birds
  73. Jackdaws Rising—Sarah McQuaid
  74. Nobody But You—Don Arbor
  75. I See Storms—Rita Hosking
  76. Criminal Style—Lindsay Lou and The Flatbellys
  77. Baby It’s You—The Last Internationale
  78. Senioritis—Lasting Effect
  79. Simmer—Space Heater
  80. Trying Times—Jubilee Riots
  81. Nod—Five Fingertips
  82. Angels of the Ice—Deane Nesbitt, Jr.
  83. Looking For the Blues—Bob Malone
  84. I’ve Been Blue—Angela Perley and The Howlin’ Moons
  85. All I Got Is Now—Reverend Freakchild
  86. Love Like Crazy—Jessica Lee Wilkes
  87. Marble Falls—Cornell Kinderknecht and Martin McCall
  88. Workin’ For the Man—The Effort Award
  89. Flint Talkin’ Blues—Tino G
  90. Does You No Good to Be Good—Jill Jack
  91. Keep On Truckin’—Reverend Freakchild
  92. Why Did I Leave You Behind—Avid Dancer
  93. Natives—Young Statues
  94. Groove’s Too Shallow—Jessica Lee Wilkes
  95. You Can’t Say We Didn’t Try—Emmylou Harris [Hall of Fame] and Rodney Crowell
  96. Keep the Door Cracked Open—John McKinley
  97. The Cycle—Colorway
  98. I’m on Fire—The Hawk
  99. In My Neighborhood—Dylan Sires and Neighbors
  100. Make Me Divine—Joel Levise

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