2019 Philby Album Award Winners

Philby 100 Best Albums of 2019

1. Hammered—J.C. And The Disciples [Best Album][Best Rock Album][Best Themed Album] [Best Album Pink Floyd Wished They’d Made][Best Album Cover][Best Horns]

2. When They Fall—Annie and Rod Capps [Best Americana Album][Best Album By a Duo or Group][Best All Genre Album]

3. 4:30—Angela Perley [Best Country/Rock Album]
4. Riverside—Billy Brandt and The Sugaree’s [Best Folk/Rock Album]
5. …And the Horse He Rode in On—Phil Lee [Best Outlaw Album by a Real Outlaw]
6. A List of Names—Karyn Oliver [Best Singer/Songwriter Album][Best Female Vocals]
7. Egypt Station—Paul McCartney [Best Pop/Rock Album][Best Wings/Beatles Album]
8. Southland—Lindsay Lou [Best Solo Album]
9. Hellfire—Kenny Parker [Best Blues Album][Best Slide Guitar: Jim McCarty]
10. Gotcha Covered: The Songs of Johnny Williams—Various Artists [Best Various Artists Folk Album][Best Tribute Album]
11. Please Don’t Tell Me How to Dance—Cindy Ruenes [Best Lyrics]
12. When My Baby Comes Around—Rod Johnson [Best Rock/Pop Album]
13. We Carry On—The Wag [Best Pop Album]
14. It’s About Time—Jen Sygit [Best Song Arrangements]
15. So It Goes—The Joedai Warriors [Best Record Setting 3rd Album on a Philby List]
16. The Lonesome Side of Town—Ed Dupas [Best Male Singer/Songwriter Album]
17. Where Dreamers Only Go Soundtrack—Michael on Fire [Best Soundtrack Album][Best Retrospective Album] 
18. Upside Down—The Rallies [Best Power Pop Album]
19. In the Night—May Erlewine and The Motivations [Best Blue-Eyed Soul Album][Best EP]
20. Woodface Reimagined—Sugar Snow [Best Covers Album][Best Original Artwork Cover]
21. 1000 Hands—Jon Anderson [Best Prog/Rock Album][Best All Star Cast][Best Violin: Jean-Luc Ponty][Best Keyboards: Chick Corea][Best Flute: Ian Anderson]
22. ShwizZ II—ShwizZ [Best Fusion Album][Best Drums: Andy Boxer]
23. No Control—Suzi Quatro [Best Classic Rock Album][Best Bass]
24. Hold On With All Your Might—T.J. Zindle [Best Indie Rock Album][Best Guitar]
25. I Can’t Be the One You Want Me To Be—Jillian Rae [Best Alternative Album] [Best Fiddle]
26. Sterling—Joanie and Matt [Best Album About the Old Testament]
27. Ordinary Things—Sarah Morris [Best Country/Folk Album]
28. Better Than Gold—Erica Blinn
29. Nothing Stays the Same—Annie Bacon + Her Oshen
30. December 32nd—Dave Solo [Best Album Title][Best Solo Album by Someone Named “Solo”]
31. This Broken Play—The Dirk Kroll Band
32. Wake Me When the Wind Dies Down—Vicky Emerson [Best Real Country Album]
33. Standard Deviation—Danny Schmidt
34. Radiant—Wild Ponies
35. Sounds Like Love—Bill Edwards [Best DIY Album]
36. Clouds Thick, Whereabouts Unknown—The Joedai Warriors
37. The Story Is…—Skinny Lister [Best Irish Punk Album]
38. Donny Brown—Donny Brown [Best “Last Second” Album]
39. Sweet Love—Matthew French
40. Eggtones for Peace—Seth Bernard [Best Album About Peace]
41. Iterations—Mental Health Day [Best Album About Health]
42. Sugar Town—Randy Tessier
43. Third Eye—Bill Grogan’s Goat [Best Celtic Album]
44. Tales From Earth Incorporated—Dan Sheehan [Best Political Subject Album]
45. Ordinary Band—Katie Dahl
46. Let the Fire Burn Strong—Sam Corbin [Best Male Vocals]
47. Heaven to Me—Jay Stielstra
48. You and Me and The Sun—Annie Fitzgerald
49. Guided Meditation—Hurry
50. The Pennock/Stephens Project—The Pennock/Stephens Project
51. Rebooted—The Forty Nineteens [Best Garage Rock]
52. Blue Yodel—Hoodang
53. Soundtracks in the Sand—Deane Nesbitt, Jr. [Best Instrumental Album][Best World Album][Best String Arrangements]
54. City Noir—Billy Brandt (Seattle JAZZ Artist) [Best Jazz Vocal Album]
55. Driving Friend—Johnny Irion
56. Circus on Fire—The Blueflowers [Best Goth Album]
57. Three Miles From Avalon—Davy Knowles [Best Blues/Rock Album] 
58. The Devil, The Heart, and The Fight—Skinny Lister
59. Kingfish—Christone Kingfish Ingram
60. Magic Music—Magic Music [Best Hippie Album]
61. Trust Your Instincts—Nick Piunti
62. Only Human—The Cordial Sins
63. Rose of My Heart—Dirt Road Sweetheart [Best Bluegrass Album]
64. Give It Away Again—M.J. Bishop
65. Rifles and Rosary Beads—Mary Gauthier
66. A Night at The Delphi Opera House—Lee Anna Atwell, Allison Edberg Nyquist, Linda Hicks, Joe Peters [Best Live Album]
67. Here Everywhere—Mike Galbraith
68. Jackpot!—Vegas Strip Kings [Best Roots Album]
69. Tough As Love—Lindsay Beaver
70. Easy As Pie—Dave Boutette and Kristi Lynn Davis
71. Phantasmagoria—The Breakfast [Best Jam Band Album]
72. Whistleblower—Luti
73. Paradox—Diana Chittester
74. Eclectic—John Ford Coley
75. Until Tomorrow Gets in the Way—Latvian Radio
76. Afterthought—Carilyn Striho [Best Accordion: Erin Zindle]
77. Last Import—Last Import
78. The View From Here—Sharon Tse
79. Detroit Pleasure Society—Detroit Pleasure Society [Best Vintage Jazz Album]
80. For the Ride Home—Mike Rocket
81. Community Aspire—Scott Baker
82. Dudee Free—Big Dudee Roo
83. Momma Liked to Fish—Kathy Wieland
84. Traveling Circus—No Fuss and Feathers
85. Little Bit of Love—The Loving Mary Band [Best Country Album]
86. Spree—Kid Gulliver
87. We Wonder—Mike Ward [Best Folk Album]
88. When You Go—Tiffany Williams
89. Hush Now: Lullabies For Sleepy People—Liz Beebee [Best Kindie Album]
90. Daydream Hawker—Go Fever
91. A World That’s Bigger—Mike Vial
92. Cut Loose, Vol.1—Mick Clarke
93. Songs and Images—Gary Browe
94. Once More With Feeling—The Hackwells
95. Troubled With the Earth—Nick Juno [Best Folk Punk Album]
96. Broken Soul—Dirty Mind Detroit
97. Good Bad Love—Telamor
98. Belle of the West—Samantha Fish
99. Traverse the Universe—Miss Sophie Lee and The Parish Suites [Best Vocal Swing Album]
100.Cubicle Zombie—Weather McNabb