About Me

Phil Maq

Phil Maq

I’ve been listening to music all of my life. I come from a musical family-not of a pedigreed musical lineage, but a home that always had music playing. I’m quite sure that I was heavily exposed to music way before I was born. That exposure, for better or worse, has helped to shape me into the music obsessive person that I am.

So, I am going to do what any decent musician would do: I am going to synthesize something new from all of the influences that I’ve come across. I consider this journey in music to be the equivalent of a life journey. It’s just that I cannot separate the two. Music is as much a part of my DNA as breathing is or the color of my eyes. In fact, I think about music 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Yes, I know what I just said. But I know that even in my subconscious there’s music playing. There has to be! It’s everywhere else in my life!

As much as I know that my musical sojourn is just as unique as every other person out there, I am counting on the similarities of music fanatics to be able to relate to mine. I will fill in more of my background when it’s necessary. In other words, I want to move forward but I occasionally have to look back at both my musical roots as well as my personal ones. I am not promising that I will reach any conclusions about anything on this ride. The goal is to find “good” music. Good is in quotes because that, of course, is a relative term. Those will be discussion points along the way.

I do promise to make this web site as interesting as I can possibly make it. (Since I have no experience running a web site, that may be an empty promise. Ha, ha! But I have several people that are supporting me and urging me on.) The descriptions will certainly be less dry and more passionate. Music should always be more about feeling than thinking! But I had to start somewhere. So here it is-the starting point.