2016 Philby Album Award Winners

Philby Best Albums of 2016


  1. Subcontinental Drift—Sultans of String with Anwar Khurshid (BEST ALBUM; also BEST WORLD ALBUM)
  2. Homemade Vision—Angela Perley and The Howlin’ Moons (BEST ROCK ALBUM)
  3. Oak City Roots—Oak City Roots (BEST POP ALBUM) (BEST FEMALE VOCALS)
  4. Bad Church—Andy and The Pandys (BEST PUNK ALBUM)(BEST LYRICS)
  5. Are We There Yet? – The Turnback (BEST FORWARD LOOKING THROWBACK ALBUM)
  6. Fueled by Dreams of the Future—Dylan McDonald and The Avians (BEST FOLLOW UP ALBUM)
  7. The Traveling Kind—Emmylou Harris (Hall of Fame) and Rodney Crowell (BEST REAL COUNTRY ALBUM)
  8. American—Magic Kramer (BEST ROCK/POP/COUNTRY/BLUES ALBUM)
  10. Gold—Laura Rain and The Caesars (BEST R&B ALBUM)
  11. Blues of Desperation—Joe Bonamassa (BEST BLUES ALBUM)
  12. Moonkings—Vandenberg’s Moonkings (BEST CLASSIC ROCK ALBUM)
  13. Dig in Deep—Bonnie Raitt (BEST FEMALE BLUES ALBUM)
  14. Heal My Soul—Jeff Healey (Hall of Fame] (BEST ROCK/BLUES TIME CAPSULE ALBUM)
  15. If It Feels Good, Do It: A Sloan Tribute—Various Artists (BEST TRIBUTE ALBUM)
  16. Frankie and the No-Go Road—Rita Hosking (BEST CONCEPT ALBUM)
  17. The Album—Nikki James (BEST LOCAL BLUES ALBUM)
  18. If a Tree Falls…—Building Birds (BEST INDIE ROCK ALBUM)
  19. Mojo Deluxe—Bob Malone (BEST “MOJO” ALBUM)
  20. Limbo—Kristen Toedtman (BEST FEMALE POP/GOSPEL ALBUM)
  21. Red Letter Day—Courtney Yasmineh (BEST “ATTITUDE” ALBUM)
  22. Everything’s Beautiful Now—Christine Albert (BEST SONGS ABOUT LIFE AND DEATH ALBUM)
  23. Awkward Stage—Bill Berry (BEST COMEDY/POP ALBUM)
  24. Blizzard of Blues—Tommy Z (BEST BLUES GUITAR ALBUM)
  25. Everlasting Arms—Luke Winslow-King (BEST NEW ORLEANS FEEL BLUES ALBUM)
  26. World of Strangers—Zoe Muth and The Lost High Rollers (BEST FEMALE SINGER/SONGWRITER ALBUM)
  27. And Then There Were TrollZ—ShwizZ (BEST FUSION ALBUM)
  28. Hillbilly Zen-Punk Blues—Reverend Freakchild (BEST HILLBILLY ZEN-PUNK ALBUM)
  29. A Decade in the Shadows—These Curious Thoughts (BEST ANGLO/AMERICAN ALBUM)
  30. Into the Wild Blue—Roy Rogers (Blues Guitarist) (BEST WISH I’D KNOWN ABOUT HIM YEARS AGO ALBUM)
  31. From Prussia With Love—Nervous Germans (BEST GERMAN ROCK ALBUM, also BEST ALBUM TITLE)
  32. Give It Back to You—The Record Company (BEST ROOTS ALBUM)
  33. All Your Favorite Bands—Dawes (BEST MELLOW ALBUM)
  34. Revolutions—The Liquid Scene (BEST PSYCHEDELIC ALBUM)
  35. Lone Wolf—Jessica Lee Wilkes (BEST ROCKABILLY ALBUM)
  36. Midnight Mist—Voo Davis
  37. Shake It Up—Mick Clarke (BEST BRITISH BLUES ALBUM)
  38. Good Times! —The Monkees (BEST POP TIME CAPSULE ALBUM)
  39. Wampus Cat—Gigi Scott and Trouble Town
  40. Real—Laith Al-Saadi (BEST REDISCOVERY ALBUM)
  41. For Love and Spite—Latvian Radio (BEST BAND POWER POP ALBUM)
  42. Radio Sweetheart—Sarah Borges and The Broken Singles (BEST FEMALE POWER POP ALBUM)
  43. Hold On a Little Longer—Eugene Hideaway Bridges (BEST “BLUES YOU CAN USE” ALBUM)
  44. Wild Heart—Samantha Fish (BEST HORIZON ARTIST ALBUM)
  45. Ragged and Dirty—Devon Allman
  46. Ashes and Dust—Warren Haynes and Railroad Earth (BEST GUITAR LICKS ON AN AMERICANA ALBUM)
  47. Above the Sweet Tea Line—Jeremy Porter and The Tuccos
  48. The Road in Me—Sally Barris (BEST FEMALE SONGWRITER ALBUM)
  49. Relaxtronaut—The Effort Award (HONORABLE MENTION: ALBUM TITLE)
  50. Lollipop Motel—Jason Didner and The Jungle Gym Jam (BEST KINDIE ALBUM)
  51. Untethered Moon—Built to Spill (BEST GUITAR ROCK ALBUM)
  52. Black Moon Spell—King Tuff (BEST “SICK MIND” ALBUM)
  54. We Will Reign—The Last Internationale (BEST POLITICAL ROCK ALBUM)
  55. I’m the Boss—Rachel B (BEST “NEW” POP ALBUM)
  56. Dismal Swamp Lords—Dismal Swamp Lords (BEST SWAMP ALBUM)
  57. Window on the World—John McKinley (BEST CANADIAN BLUES ALBUM)
  58. Just for the Love of It—Happy Traum (BEST FOLK STANDARDS ALBUM)
  59. Walking into White—Sarah McQuaid (BEST BRITISH FOLK ALBUM)
  60. Sufficiently Rude—Million Sellers (BEST GARAGE ALBUM)
  61. Three Big Ones—The Secrets (Detroit Secrets) (BEST KEPT SECRET IN DETROIT ALBUM)
  63. I Was Told There Would Be Pie—Jen Houston
  64. Aragon Mill—Si Kahn and The Looping Brothers (BEST BLUEGRASS ALBUM)
  65. Reign of the West—The Grave Jinglers (BEST OUTLAW ALBUM)
  66. Eventually—Super Heater (BEST ALBUM BY A BAND THAT BROKE UP IN 2016)
  67. Naturally—Raina Randolph
  68. Live at Roscoe’s—Detroit Johnny-O (BEST LIVE ROCK ALBUM)
  69. Highly Irregular—Whistler’s Father
  70. Little Vixen—Sigrid Christiansen (BEST LOCAL FOLK ALBUM)
  71. Leaving Boston—Christa Gniadek
  72. The Madcat Midnight Blues Journey—Peter Madcat Ruth, Drew Howard, Mark Schrock, Michael Shimmin (BEST LIVE BLUES ALBUM)
  73. Shadow Trails—Linda McRae (BEST CANADIAN FOLK ALBUM)
  74. California Nights—Best Coast (BEST POP/ROCK ALBUM)
  75. Good Luck, Bad Karma—Best Behavior (BEST KARMA ROCK ALBUM)
  76. Choose to Be Human—Xposed 4Heads (BEST “NORMAL” “OUT THERE” ALBUM)
  77. Dragonfly—Great Caesar’s Ghost (BEST DOUBLE ALBUM)
  78. Outskirts of Love—Shemekia Copeland
  79. 18th and Volstead—The Vaude Villains
  80. Talk—Jon Pousette-Dart (BEST ALBUM COVER)
  81. Capricorn—Happy Fangs
  82. Histories of Things—Calvin Becker
  83. Stumbling Towards the Light—Eric Banaan
  84. The Power, The Glory, and The Monkey Time—George Stephen Kelly (SECOND BEST ALBUM TITLE)
  85. Surf Noir—The 427s (BEST SURF ALBUM)
  86. Get Well—Birth of Joy (BEST POWER TRIO ROCK ALBUM)
  87. Multitudes—James Houlahan
  88. What I Did—Hey Mavis
  89. Pole Barn Rebels—Pole Barn Rebels (BEST “MITT” ALBUM)
  90. New Mexico Dirt—G.S. Harper (BEST SOLO ACOUSTIC ALBUM)
  91. World War Trio, Pts. 2 and 3—Consider the Source (BEST INSTRUMENTAL WORLD/FUSION ALBUM)
  92. Dr. Hyperstein—Redtenbacher’s Funkestra (BEST FUNK ALBUM)
  93. The Black Sky Sequined—Colorway
  94. Crazy Neighbors—Crazy Neighbors
  95. A Valentine to the Future—Telamor
  96. Up Close at Faraway Sound—The Brother Brothers (BEST HARMONIES ALBUM)
  97. Dirt—Lucid
  98. Weirdo Shrine—La Luz
  99. Waves—Big Brother Smokes (ALBUM WITH THE BEST BASS LINES)
  100. Beat the Champ—The Mountain Goats (BEST ALBUM ABOUT WRESTLING)

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