2015 Philby Song Award Winners

The Hot 100 Songs of 2015

Philby Song of the Year 2015
1. Venus is Rocking in the Cradle of the Moon—Wendy Webb

Philby Song Award Winner 2015
2. Bloodless–Andy and the Pandys

Philby Song Award Winner 2015
3. Strange—The Blueflowers
4. No Creases—Mick Clarke
5. Bright—Echosmith
6. The Same Road—Nora Jane Struthers and The Party Line
7. Elizabeth—Building Birds
8. Madness—Nina and The Buffalo Riders
9. Applecart Blues—The Muggs
10. Shotgun—The Jane Shermans
11. S.O.S.—The Brazilian Johnsons
12. This Is My Day—Michelle Hanlon
13. Uptown Funk—Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars
14. Harmonizm—T-Bird and the Breaks
15. Head Over Heels—J.D. McPherson
16. Sunday—Brown Mountain Apes
17. Treacherous—Oak City Roots
18. Soul Sister—The Tripping Souls
19. What I Thought—Chris Emmerson
20. Baby Bye Bye—Kitty, Daisy, & Lewis
21. I Gave Up Everything for You, ‘Cept the Blues—Joe Bonamassa
22. My Lady’s Got a Toolbox—The Dirty Dirty Dollars
23. Everywhere—The Blueflowers
24. Alone Again, Or—Fubar
25. Night Ridin’—Savage Grace
26. Die Alone—Andy and The Pandys
27. Turn It Up—Robert Plant
28. All I Ever Need—Building Birds
29. Usually Whiskey—The Lucky Dutch
30. No Matter What—Midday Swim
31. Embrace Another Fall—Robert Plant and Julie Murphy
32. Chloe—Phil Lee
33. Vampire—The Whiskey Charmers
34. Right for You—The Fletchers
35. In the Morning—Good Lovelies
36. Long Day in the Sun—Wendy Webb
37. Honest Lies—The Messenger Birds
38. Weirdoz Everywhere—The Prefab Messiahs
39. Stranger in a Strange Place—The Brazilian Johnsons
40. That Dress—The Dives
41. White Dress–Nemes
42. Broken Hearted—Good Lovelies
43. Redneck Man—Jennifer Westwood and The Handsome Devils
44. Don’t Care—Nora Jane Struthers and The Party Line
45. Jesus and Mohammed—Jack Tempchin
46. Girl Crush—Little Big Town
47. Meshugana!—Joanie Leeds and The Night Lights
48. Big Blue Sky—Wendy Webb
49. Another Wasted Year—Andy and The Pandys
50. Taking Me Home—Rob Larkin and The Wayward Ones
51. Seize the Day—The Dives
52. Shakin’—Blair Alise and The Bombshells
53. Damaged Goods—Chris Degnore and The Black Drops
54. Blank Space—Taylor Swift
55. In a Crowd—Nora Jane Struthers and The Party Line
56. What Does This Mean?—Shwizz
57. Uptown Pony—Craig Moreau
58. Cuban Getaway—Kenny Parker
59. Rory and The Hurricanes—Ringo Starr [Hall of Fame]
60. Let’s Go—Joanie Leeds and The Night Lights
61. Fear and Loathing in Grand Forks—The Union Suits
62. Buffalo Blues—Nina and the Buffalo Riders
63. Almost Crazy—The Blueflowers
64. My Back Pocket—The Steepwater Band
65. Lightning Cries—The Muggs
66. So What Would I Do?—Joe Bonamassa
67. Ding Dong Daddy—Joe “King” Carrasco
68. Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive—The Prefab Messiahs
69. ‘Til I Kissed You—Nora Jane Struthers and The Party Line
70. Oh, No, Not My Baby–Fubar
71. Hold Me Close—Jo Serrapere and The LaFawndas
72. Man on Fire—Liquid Monk
73. Yellow Eyes—Rayland Baxter
74. No Ash Will Burn—Altan [Hall of Fame]
75. Like Clouds—Spiraling Suns
76. Delivery—Matt Besey
77. Cynic—Andy and The Pandys
78. Sometimes—Lindsay Lou and The Flatbellys
79. What You Want—The Fletchers
80. Late Last Night—Scott Ainslie
81. Awesome—Stone Clover
82. 100 Years From Now—Michael on Fire
83. It Spills Out—Rob Larkin and The Wayward Ones
84. Dance With Me—Screw
85. Ma Theann Tu Un Anolaigh—Altan [Hall of Fame]
86. Breakin’ Up—Jan King and Medicine Ball
87. Price Tag—Sleater Kinney
88. Breathe—Building Birds
89. Tame—The History of Apple Pie
90. Butterfly—Nemes
91. Last Night—Feather-Bright
92. The Right Thing Did Me Wrong—Gemma Ray
93. It Shook Me Up—J.D. McPherson
94. Turkish Delight—Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis
95. Choir—Pigpen Theater Company
96. Healing Waters—Michael on Fire
97. This Is the Moment—Wendy Webb
98. Body Like a Bell—Red Tail Ring
99. But a Girl—Brenda Xu
100.Sukkah Shaking—Joanie Leeds and the Night Lights
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