2014 Philby Song Award Winners

The Hot 100 Songs of 2014

JIllian Rae


  1. Helpless—Jillian Rae (From “Heartbeat”)
  2. Swingin’ the Night Away—Rosewater (From “Shotgun Wedding”)
  3. We’re Big We’re Small—A Science Experiment (From “Particles”)
  4. Dime—Jan King (From “Dime”)
  5. Kids Place—Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights (From “Good Egg!”)
  6. Blue Baby Blue—Billy Brandt and The Sugaree’s (From “The Time Is Now”)
  7. Corp Safe—Gladshot (From “Maxwell’s Cool Demon”)
  8. I Got Love—Bend Sinister (From “Animals”)
  9. The River Jordan—Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys (From “Here Between”)
  10. The Life I Live—Chris Emmerson (From “It’s So Easy From Far Away”)
  11. I Always Get Lucky With You—Suzy Bogguss (From “Lucky”)
  12. Bones—The Honeyrunners (From “EP II”)
  13. Hope for the Future—Paul McCartney (Single)
  14. Rock Show—Birth of Joy (From “Prisoner”)
  15. Teacher—Bend Sinister (“From “Animals”)
  16. Pretty White Pantsuit—The Dives (From “Magnificent Desolation”)
  17. Fun With Hydrangeas—Gladshot (From “Maxwell’s Cool Demon”)
  18. Sugardown—Fathom Lane (From “Fathom Lane”)
  19. Stop Your Crying—Lake Street Dive (From “Bad Self Portraits”)
  20. Lovin’ Heart—Mick Clarke (From “Crazy Blues”)
  21. Call to the Moon—Feather—Bright (From “Feather—Bright”)
  22. Tight Black Dress—The Hatchetmen (From “Tight Black Dress”)
  23. Idyllwild—Mia Dyson (From “Idyllwild”)
  24. Free to Be…You and Me—Jason Didner and Suzi Shelton (Single)
  25. Justine—Randy Tessier (From “Hold Me Close”)
  26. Wonderin’—Erez (From “Erez”)
  27. Cement Shoes—Ruby Keeps Burning (From “Ruby Keeps Burning Demos”)
  28. I Got a Man—Sara Jean Kelley (From “The Waiting Place”)
  29. Shootin’ Beer Cans Off My Fence—Travis Whitelaw (From “Beer…and Booty!”)
  30. Debout Les Morts— Mac Abbe’ et le Zombie Orchestra (From “Mac Abbe” et le Zombie Orchestra)
  31. Mad Men—Birth of Joy (From “Prisoner”)
  32. Particles—A Science Experiment (From “Particles”)
  33. On the Spot—The Dives (From “Magnificent Desolation”)
  34. Talkin’ ‘Bout Love—Rosewater (From “Shotgun Wedding”)
  35. Fault Line—Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (From “Hypnotic Eye”)
  36. City Slicker—Secret Colours (From “Positive Distraction”)
  37. Heartbeat—Jillian Rae (From “Heartbeat”)
  38. Dimestore Hearthrob—Black Pistol Fire (From “Hush or Howl”)
  39. Heartbeat—Linda Doherty (From “In a Heartbeat”)
  40. Get to the Sun—Secret Colours (From “Positive Distraction”)
  41. Shake It Off—Taylor Swift (From “1989”)
  42. Under Control—The Honeyrunners (From “EP II”)
  43. Black Gold—The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy (Single)
  44. Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore—Bill Grogan’s Goat (From “Second Wind”)
  45. See Ya Later Alligator—Mick Clarke (From “Crazy Blues”)
  46. Use Me Up—Lake Street Dive (From “Bad Self Portraits”)
  47. Just Like a Bird—Jan King and Medicine Ball (From “Dime”)
  48. Booty Call—Travis Whitelaw (From “Beer…and Booty!”)
  49. Let Her Down—Billy Brandt & The Sugaree’s (From “The Time Is Now”)
  50. Sunny Afternoon—Tripping Souls (From “Don’t Waste Your Life”)
  51. Wedding Day—Rosewater (From “Shotgun Wedding”)
  52. The Time Is Now—Billy Brandt and The Sugaree’s (From “The Time Is Now”)
  53. The Mind Is Dreaming of Us All—Jan King (From “Dime”)
  54. Had to Be Near You—Real Estate (From “Atlas”)
  55. Shadow—Joanie Leeds & The Nightlights (From “Good Egg!)
  56. Bad Self Portraits—Lake Street Dive (From Bad Self Portraits”)
  57. Through the Week—Bend Sinister (From “Animals”)
  58. All About That Bass—Megan Trainor (Single)
  59. Hold Me—The Honeyrunners (From “EP II”)
  60. Devil’s Delight—Mark Lavengood (From “No Part Of Nothin’)
  61. This Kind of Week—A Science Experiment (From “Particles”)
  62. Your Love Will Be My End—Of Clocks and Clouds (From “You”)
  63. C’que T’es Belle— Mac Abbe’ et le Zombie Orchestra (From “Mac Abbe” et le Zombie Orchestra)
  64. So Real—Simon Townshend (From “Denial”)
  65. Hangin’ On—Jillian Rae (From “Heartbeat”)
  66. Roadhouse Boogie Woogie—Duffy Kane (From “Dead Man Walkin’”)
  67. La Quete— Mac Abbe’ et le Zombie Orchestra (From “Mac Abbe” et le Zombie Orchestra)
  68. No Harm Blues—The Rich Hands (From “Out of My Head”)
  69. Food Fight—Joanie Leeds & The Nightlights (From “Good Egg!”)
  70. Just Like Fire Would—Bruce Springsteen (From “High Hopes”)
  71. Love Me Anyway—Jillian Rae From “Heartbeat”
  72. The Best of You—Bend Sinister (From “Animals”)
  73. Alcool— Mac Abbe’ et le Zombie Orchestra (From “Mac Abbe” et le Zombie Orchestra)
  74. While My Guitar Gently Weeps—Chris Emmerson (From “It’s So Easy From Far Away”)
  75. September—The Tripping Souls (From “Don’t Waste Your Life”)
  76. Muse—The Honeyrunners (From “EP II”)
  77. The Runnin’ Kind—Suzy Bogguss (From “Lucky”)
  78. Run Rabbit Run—Black Pistol Fire (From “Hush or Howl”)
  79. Let’s Go Outside—A Science Experiment (From “Particles”)
  80. Blank Space—Taylor Swift (From “1989”)
  81. Drank Beer, Got Drunk, Went to Jail—Travis Whitelaw (From “Beer…and Booty!”)
  82. L’Amour— Mac Abbe’ et le Zombie Orchestra (From “Mac Abbe” et le Zombie Orchestra)
  83. Seventeen—Lake Street Dive (From “Bad Self Portraits”)
  84. Perfect Day—Fathom Lane (From “Fathom Lane”)
  85. Germs—Joanie Leed and The Nightlights (From “Good Egg!”)
  86. Back On Track—David Reinstein (From “Welcome to the Planet”)
  87. Steady Light—Gladshot (From “Maxwell’s Cool Demon”)
  88. Young Love—Rosewater (From “Shotgun Wedding”)
  89. Longtime Boogie—Birth of Joy (From “Prisoner”)
  90. Baby Ruthless—Black Pistol Fire (From “Hush or Howl”)
  91. You Go Down Smooth—Lake Street Dive (From “Bad Self Portraits”)
  92. Smoked Ham Blues—Mick Clarke (From “Crazy Blues”)
  93. Radin—Mac Abbe’ et le Zombie Orchestra (From “Mac Abbe” et le Zombie Orchestra)
  94. Seventeen—Bend Sinister (From “Animals”)
  95. When We’re Older—Mia Dyson (From “Idyllwild”)
  96. George From Across the Street—A Science Experiment (From “Particles”)
  97. Thought Balloon—Gustafer Yellowgold (From “Wisdom of Tooth”)
  98. He Was Strange, But I Needed a Ride—Travis Whitelaw (From “Beer…and Booty!”)
  99. Weary Traveler—Ernest Troost (From “O Love”)
  100. Mosquito Girls—Gavin Mee (From “Meemantras”)

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