2014 Philby Album Award Winners

The Best Albums of 2014

Jan King Dime

  1. Dime—Jan King and Medicine Ball (BEST ALBUM)
  2. Particles—A Science Experiment (BEST POP ALBUM)
  3. Shotgun Wedding—Rosewater (BEST AMERICANA ALBUM)
  4. The Time Is Now—Billy Brandt & The Sugaree’s (BEST FOLK/ROCK ALBUM)
  5. Lucky—Suzy Bogguss (BEST REAL COUNTRY ALBUM)
  6. Good Egg!—Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights (BEST ALL GENRE ALBUM)
  7. Heartbeat—Jillian Rae (BEST COUNTRY/ROCK ALBUM)
  8. Maxwell’s Cool Demon—Gladshot (BEST ROCK EP)
  9. Crazy Blues—Mick Clarke (BEST BLUES ALBUM)
  10. Animals—Bend Sinister (BEST ROCK ALBUM)
  11. Prisoner—Birth of Joy (BEST JAM ALBUM)
  12. Mac Abbe’ et Le Zombie Orchestra—Mac Abbe’ et Le Zombie Orchestra (BEST FOREIGN ALBUM)
  13. Atlas—Real Estate (BEST INDIE ROCK ALBUM)
  14. Hypnotic Eye—Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (BEST “OLD GUARD” ROCK ALBUM)
  15. EP II—The Honeyrunners (BEST SOUL ROCK ALBUM)
  16. Beer…and Booty!—Travis Whitelaw (BEST BEER DRINKIN’ ALBUM)
  17. Hush or Howl—Black Pistol Fire (BEST TWO MAN BAND ROCK ALBUM)
  18. Positive Distraction—Secret Colours (BEST 60’S THROWBACK ALBUM)
  19. Bad Self Portraits—Lake Street Dive (BEST “MAKE ME WANNA DANCE” ALBUM)
  20. High Hopes—Bruce Springsteen (BEST ODDS N SODS ALBUM)
  21. It’s So Easy From Far Away—Chris Emmerson (BEST LOCAL POP ALBUM)
  22. Different Shades of Blue—Joe Bonamassa (BEST BONA MONSTER ALBUM)
  23. Everyone’s Invited!—Jason Didner & The Jungle Gym Jam (BEST SINCERE ALBUM)
  24. Second Wind—Bill Grogan’s Goat (BEST CELTIC ALBUM)
  25. Fathom Lane—Fathom Lane (BEST MINNESOTA INDIE ALBUM)
  26. Rucca—Joe King Carrasco Y El Molino (BEST TEX-MEX ALBUM)
  27. Don’t Waste Your Life—The Tripping Souls (BEST BEATLES SOUNDING ALBUM)
  29. No Part of Nothin’—Mark Lavengood (BEST BLUEGRASS ALBUM)
  30. Pretty Music for Pretty People—The Dead Milkmen (BEST COMEBACK ALBUM)
  31. In a Heartbeat—Laura Doherty (BEST CHICAGO KINDIE ALBUM)
  32. Idyllwild—Mia Dyson (BEST SINGER/SONGWRITER ALBUM)
  33. New Roots Exchange, Vol.1—Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys, Red Tail Ring (BEST COLLABORATION ALBUM)
  34. Magnificent Desolation—The Dives (BEST LOCAL ROCK ALBUM)
  35. Welcome to the Planet—David Reinstein (BEST JAZZ ALBUM)
  36. The Jane Shermans—The Jane Shermans (BEST ALBUM COVER)
  37. Song in My Head—The String Cheese Incident (BEST OLD SCHOOL JAM BAND ALBUM)
  38. Reset the Dial—The Fletchers (BEST GARAGE ROCK ALBUM)
  39. Here Between EP—Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys (BEST AMERICANA EP)
  40. Mandatory Fun—“Weird Al” Yankovic (BEST COMEDY ALBUM)
  41. Hold Me Close—Randy Tessier (BEST SOLO ALBUM)
  42. Feather-Bright—Feather-Bright (BEST ROCKIN’ HYPHENATED NAME ALBUM)
  43. Under Color of Official Right—Protomartyr (BEST LOCAL PUNK ALBUM)
  44. A Chance at Forever—Hyper Lytics (BEST HIGH ENERGY ALBUM)
  45. Dead Man Walkin’—Duffy Kane (BEST COUNTRY/BLUES ALBUM)
  46. The Waiting Place—Sara Jean Kelley (BEST FEMALE INDIE COUNTRY ALBUM)
  47. The Hot Sardines—The Hot Sardines (BEST OLD SCHOOL JAZZ ALBUM)
  48. Nathan Roberts and The New Birds—Nathan Roberts and The New Birds (BEST OHIO ALBUM)
  49. This—Vic Ruggerio (BEST “SMORGASBORD” ALBUM)
  50. 1989—Taylor Swift (BEST BASELINE ALBUM)

Honorable Mention

Ruby Keeps Burning Demos—Ruby Keeps Burning (BEST DEMOS ALBUM)

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