Random “Q”sings: Hunter Hayes, Ke$ha, Justin Bieber, The Civil Wars

I’ve seen the video for “Storm Warning” by Hunter Hayes several times now. It’s a better than average country song that grows on you. I like the many varied weather descriptions in the lyrics: “Have you ever noticed every hurricane gets its name from a woman like this?” He’s a very young good looking dude, but that’s not what’s got me interested. The thing that’s got me going is that he’s probably about 18 and he’s already made five albums!!! AND, by watching the video, you see that he plays all of the instruments himself á la Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Todd Rundgren, Prince…!

I can’t remember any country artist doing this. Good looking and talented. Ahh, you’ll never make it, kid.


Speaking of looking good, has Ke$ha, in the video for “Blow,” ever looked better? She cleans up pretty good. Also, I still laugh every time the guy in the video takes off his bra and she tilts her head and gives him a confused look! 


OK. Today, I can’t get the Farmer’s Insurance jingle out of my head. (“We are Farmer’s. Bum- da-dum da dum dum dum.“) Can you please reinsert that Britney Spears song I was complaining about a couple of weeks ago?     


I read in Rolling Stone Magazine that Justin Bieber is the first person since Garth Brooks in 1993 to have four albums on the Top 40 Album Charts. ODWITS!!!!!!!!!!! (O Death Where Is Thy Sting?) The end of the world is nigh!    


Alright, I am going to admit that I don’t really care for The Civil Wars. I’ve listened to a few of their songs now and I can’t see why they are crossing over onto other charts from the country charts. They don’t even seem to be good Appalachian folk artists, yet “Barton Hollow” keeps moving up the charts. I know they got a big boost when Taylor Swift heaped some praise on them, but I still don’t see why people who don’t usually like country music are claiming to like these Jean Ritchie-type songs. I’ll stick with Alison Krauss, thank you.


Until next time, take care of yourself, and take care of each other!



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