Random “Q”sings: George Bedard and Paul McCartney

Well, it’s been longer than I’ve wanted it to be since I last wrote. There are two reasons for this: I’ve been sick and I’ve been out of town. Let me change that right now.

I have received and previewed the first sample from George Bedard’s upcoming release “Pickin’ Apart the Past.” The name of the song is “Okie Dokie Stomp.”  It’s an intense jump jazz/blues hybrid. (Intense for George, not the listener!)  It’s two and a half minutes of music that flies by at warp speed! The syncopation is perfect and tight. George plays his guitar like he’s “stompin” on an infestation of fire ants to save his house! The song has at least six times the amount of chords than most pop songs put together! In fact, he uses so many chords, he better check his guitar strings for frayed ends! If the rest of the album is as good as this first track, it will absolutely be a winner! And how do you know I actually listened to it? If you checked out my computer you’d see it’s still on “sizzle!” OWWWWW!


Now, you might be wondering why I always seem to be featuring George Bedard with Paul McCartney or The Beatles. Good question. One is that I am all over anything about The Beatles, both as a group and as solo artists, so if I can pass on anything that you may not have heard, then it’s a labor of love for me. The same is true about George.  Apparently, the two hardest working guys in the music business right now are Paul and George. And why would I put George’s name above Paul’s?  Since Mr. McCartney can pretty much get all the great press that he wants when he wants it, I don’t think he would mind too much if I give the “headline nod” to a local hero who’s worked hard for it and deserves it!


Speaking of Paul McCartney, this guy is unbelievable. What did he do for his 69th birthday on Friday? Just the typical thing that most normal guys do on their 69th birthday: Put up a stadium of tickets for sale.  

Last week’s Dennis Mitchell’s Breakfast with The Beatles had another pleasant surprise: a great spot-on cover version of an early Marvin Gaye hit called “Hitchhike.”  It was taken from a closed circuit performance by Paul at The Apollo Theatre a couple of months ago. I’m not aware of The Beatles ever performing the song, but it was out at the early stages of their career at a time when they were looking at Motown songs to cover. It’s such a fun song to play that I have to think that they at least considered it. And since Paul is coming to Comerica Park on July 24th, it would be a nice tribute to Detroit to play one of its own songs. Come on Paul. Play “Hitchhike” again for your Detroit show!


Until next time, take care of yourself, and take care of each other!



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