Phil’s Faves: Videos, October 9, 2011

This will be a personal weekly Top Ten list of what I consider to be the best videos currently available on TV. I don’t, as a rule, go searching for old music videos, so that’s why it will focus mostly on current or recent videos. For this category, I am also going to include any live performances on talk or variety shows that I see during the week.


Competition is finally starting to heat up, but not enough to affect Taylor Swift and Wally Pleasant who remain at the top two spots for another week….


Top 10 Videos for the week of October 9, 2011

1. Sparks Fly—Taylor Swift
2. Stupid Day Job–Wally Pleasant
3. Storm Warning-Hunter Hayes
4. Brighter Than the Sun–Colbie Caillat
5. Gonna Get Over You-Sara Bareilles
6. Super Bass–Nicki Minaj
7. All Your Life-The Band Perry
8. How High the Moon–Tommy Emmanuel from “Center Stage” on PBS
9. We Owned the Night-Lady Antebellum
10. Stone Rollin’–Raphael Saadiq with Kim Wilson on Austin City Limits

1) “Sparks Fly”—If there’s too many sparks involved, Taylor may literally combust!
2) “Stupid Day Job”—So many millions of people wish they actually had a “stupid day job” right now. Wally’s song makes you feel better either way if you do or you don’t!
3) “Storm Warning”—It’s so nice to see this worthy video and song getting the attention it deserves!
4) “Brighter Than the Sun”—I think Colbie’s getting a third burst of a solar wind!
5) “Gonna Get Over You”—A bright new video entry with Sara showing the most confidence she’s ever shown in a video! For some reason, everyone that she touches in the grocery store that she’s at instantly changes into a pleather (I’m hoping) outfit!
6) “Super Bass”—The gloss is still there but I’m starting to lose interest….
7) “All Your Life”—Kimberly Perry looks good like she always does even with that fake tear!
8) “How High the Moon”—I stumbled upon this very enjoyable performance on a local PBS station. Even though it’s been around for a few years, I never saw it. The highlight to me was an incredible rendition of Les Paul’s “How High the Moon!”
9) “We Owned the Night”—I didn’t intend to put this one on for another week, but I am pleasantly surprised that it’s catching on with me!
10) “Stone Rollin’”—Another PBS entry with one of the best Austin City Limits performances I’ve seen in a while! Raphael is really loose and constantly smiles through his set because he is enjoying it so much! You would think that this approach wouldn’t help with the blues, but he pulls it off perfectly! Helping him out as his right hand man is Kim Wilson of The Fabulous Thunderbirds as well as his own solo career. Looking like he just stepped off the set of the History Channel’s Swamp People after he sold his alligator and spent his money on a sharkskin suit (very sharp!), Kim adds his contribution to the bluesy festivities by blowing his brains out on harp! Go to ACL’s archives and check this one out!


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