Phil’s Faves: Songs, March 4, 2012

This will be a personal weekly Top Ten list of what I consider to be the best songs that I listened to the previous week. Most songs will be current, but there are no boundaries. I’ve already stated on this web site that I am obsessed with music. I am constantly hunting it down whether it’s online, on CD, from my personal collection, from a library (Yes, I think the library is a great source of music–especially for music that you aren’t sure about.), TV, or radio. Since most of these sources mostly emphasize new music, the odds are pretty good that most of the songs on this list will be new. But in my search, I don’t use any boundaries for the other sources. I am just looking for good music that I haven’t heard, or happened to forget about. Everyone, including myself, has forgotten way more great music than they can ever remember-even if they are also music fanatics.
Also, there will be no rules concerning songs on this list. A song can show up or drop off a number of times. This will be the most volatile of my lists. It all depends on how much music I am exposed to during the week and what I find interesting. On really obscure stuff, I will try to include the source, if I know it.
Rich Ridenour lands on top this week! But it might be difficult to stay there with so much competition. Let’s see what happens next……………………….

Top Ten Songs for the Week of March 4, 2012

1. Brazil—Rich Ridenour
2. Scientists in Japan—Sara Groves
3. Somebody That I Used to Know—Gotye with Kimbra
4. In My Arms—Glen Campbell with Brian Setzer, Chris Isaak, & Dick Dale
5. Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)—The Monkees
6. My Heart Is The Eastern Horizon—Clemency
7. Best Love—Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers with Paul McCartney
8. We Are Young—Fun with Janelle Monae
9. Lights—Ellie Goulding
10. Girl Scout Cookies—Ted Nugent

1) “Brazil”—Such a happy version of a song that’s so bright and so full of emotion!
2) “Scientists in Japan”—It slipped a notch this week, but I’m not sure if I’m done with it yet………
3) “Somebody That I Used to Know”—I’ve been subjected to saturation bombing of this song…and it’s working! Very hypnotic and very good!
4) “In My Arms”—I wish someone else would play this song so it would catch on and move it back up….
5) “Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)”—One of my favorite songs by The Monkees from their second album, “More of The Monkees!” It’s sad to see Davy Jones leave this world but at least he left plenty of memories………………
6) “My Love Is the Eastern Horizon”—I stumbled upon this one by Clemency after downloading it free from Amazon. It’s a really good indie song! Kind of haunting—in a good way, of course!
7) “Best Love”—Who knows. This one may show up again sometime in the future, but for now, as hard as it is to believe, I’m growing tired of it.It needs to go away and refresh itself…
8) “We Are Young”—This one is just so catchy! I actually like the song better than the video…………
9) “Lights”—Another addictive tune! I like the video and the song about the same!
10) “Girl Scout Cookies”—I haven’t found anything to like by Ted Nugent in a long time. This one caught my interest because after all, who wants a “fat” mint?!

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