Phil’s Faves: Songs, April 22, 2012

This will be a personal weekly Top Ten list of what I consider to be the best songs that I listened to the previous week. Most songs will be current, but there are no boundaries. I’ve already stated on this web site that I am obsessed with music. I am constantly hunting it down whether it’s online, on CD, from my personal collection, from a library (Yes, I think the library is a great source of music–especially for music that you aren’t sure about.), TV, or radio. Since most of these sources mostly emphasize new music, the odds are pretty good that most of the songs on this list will be new. But in my search, I don’t use any boundaries for the other sources. I am just looking for good music that I haven’t heard, or happened to forget about. Everyone, including myself, has forgotten way more great music than they can ever remember-even if they are also music fanatics.

Also, there will be no rules concerning songs on this list. A song can show up or drop off a number of times. This will be the most volatile of my lists. It all depends on how much music I am exposed to during the week and what I find interesting. On really obscure stuff, I will try to include the source, if I know it.

“Sweeter” takes control of this week’s Faves: Songs list! This is also the first time that the first four songs on this list and my Faves: Videos list are exactly the same. I think that’s unusual because of the different nature of the mediums. There’s also a couple of fun Earth Day songs. What’s not to like?

Top Ten Songs for the Week of April 22, 2012

1. Sweeter—Gavin DeGraw
2. Banjo—Rascal Flatts
3. Good Girl—Carrie Underwood
4. Endless Love—Lionel Richie & Shania Twain
5. Dancin’ Away With My Heart—Lady Antebellum
6. Over You—Miranda Lambert
7. Him or Me..What’s It Gonna Be?—Paul Revere & The Raiders
8. I Wanna Be Green—Joanie Leeds & The Nightlights
9. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle—Unknown from a CD called “Science Songs”
10. Wild One—Bobby Rydell

1) “Sweeter”—Hey! It’s really sweet when you’re on top of both of my “Faves” lists!
2) “Banjo”—I don’t think that “Banjo” is going down without a fight. Stay tuned……….
3) “Good Girl”—I have to admit that this Carrie Underwood song has staying power!
4) “Endless Love”“Endless Love” is facing a solid wall of songs. I’m not sure if this one will make it higher……………..
5) “Dancin’ Away with My Heart”Lady A has already stolen my heart many times. Please keep doing what you do best!
6) “Over You”Miranda Lambert has crafted such a moving tribute to her late brother without having an ounce of syrupiness. The song stands on its own!
7) “Him or Me…What’s It Gonna Be”—I love Paul Revere & The Raiders and miss them terribly from radio play! This is probably not their best song, but it is a solid effort and I get a kick sand in the face of the British Invasion by singing with cheesy British accents on this powerhouse jam! These guys were America’s best garage band!
8) “I Wanna Be Green”—This is such a lighthearted and uplifting song by Joanie Leeds! It is my favorite recycling song!
9) “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”—I got this children’s song from a “Science Songs” collection, but I can’t even remember by whom. It’s a very catchy little children’s song about living in a recycable world!
10) “Wild One”“Wild One” is probably my favorite Bobby Rydell song! Now that may seem like that’s not saying much, but it’s really put together well! The band sounds tight. The saxes are a nice change of pace. Bobby sounds like he’s into the vocal. There’s a key change to make the song sound even more urgent. And there’s a big finish. The only thing that sounds cheesy are the back-up singers, but I think that’s a minor distraction. This is a great long forgotten song!

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