January 17th Playlist for Theme Attic Heard on WHFR.FM, 10AM-12Noon EST

Since I am a DJ at station WHFR.FM, my goal this year is to coordinate my website, Facebook page, and Twitter page. So, I’m going to start different ways of posting info about my show both here and at Phil Maq on Facebook. I’ll provide links either way depending on how I post it. The Facebook page will always have more detail about the show or just little updates.

One thing that I want to post weekly is the playlist that I actually use. I almost never make my selections until I’m in the middle of doing my show so it’s difficult for me to say exactly what I will play, but I will try to give some insight into the thought process I used before and after the show.

My most recent show had two sets centering on artists who I am trying to interview. Then I had a set honoring the memory of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.. I particularly thought that Mavis Staples’ version of “Eyes on the Prize” was incredible!

Since the show took place during the auto show, the next two sets focused on songs about cars—both good and bad. I got a lot of response on Bill Kirchen’s live version of “Hot Rod Lincoln!”

And then the show moved into songs about cold weather and ice.

The Grand Finale was a great instrumental version of “How High the Moon” by Livonia artists Banjo Mike with Gary Cooper!

So, the following playlist should save you the trouble of pulling it up at the WHFR website.

Let me know what you think about doing it this way or any other suggestions you may have.

Phil Maq

Songs marked with an asterisk (*)have videos posted elsewhere on this site.

#110 Cars, Cold, & MLK, Jr.
January 17, 2013

Prologue -Renaissance

Interview songs
Quarter to Three-Gary U.S. Bonds (Greatest Hits-EMI)
The Power-Lindsay Lou #10(Release Your Shrouds-lindsayloumusic.com)
Rain in the Valley-Steel Wheels #3 (Lay Down Lay Low-thesteelwheels.com)
Fridley’s Gap-Steel Wheels #10 (Lay Down Lay Low-thesteelwheels.com)

Love Addict-Jessica Dayle (Jessica Dayle EP-jessicadayle.com)
I’m Coming Home-BD Mooney (Sunshine When It Rains-bdmooney.com)
Chicken Wire-Jonathan Byrd (Cackalack-Waterbug)
Brazil-Rich Ridenour #1 (Piano Pops-GRS)

MLK, Jr.
It’s a Hard Life Wherever You Go-Nanci Griffith (Storms-MCA)*
Eyes on the Prize-Mavis Staples #2 (We’ll Never Turn Back-Anti)*
Excerpt from Final Speech, April 3, 1968
Pride in the Name of Love-U2 (Singles-Island)*
Amazing Grace-Mark O’Connor (Appalachian Journey)

Look at That Cadillac-Stray Cats (Greatest Hits-Capitol)*
Hitch a Ride to Beatsville-Rock N Roll Monkey & The Robots#1 (Back to Beatsville-Motor Sounds)
V-8 Ford-Contino #3 (Back Porch Dogma-Blind Pig)
Joy Ride-Johnny & The Hurricanes #8 (The Definitive Collection-Charly)

Hall of Fame:PATTI PAGE
Detour-Patti Page #2 (Greatest Hits, Finest Performances-Sun)
Hot Rod Lincoln-Bill Kirchen (Hot Rod Lincoln Live-Shout Factory)
Traffic Jam-Johnny & The Hurricanes (The Definitive Collection-Charly)

Cold Songs
Ice, Pt.1-Celestial Navigations (Celestial Navigations, Ice, Part III-Geoff Levin Music)
Ice in the Sun-Status Quo #4 (#2269) (At Their Very Best-Castle Pulse)
Winter-John Denver (Rocky Mountain High-RCA)
Ice, Pt.2-Celestial Navigations (Celestial Navigations, Ice, Part III-Geoff Levin Music)

How High the Moon-Banjo Mike with Gary Cooper (Play the Game-Self)

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