“Theme Attic” Playlist from January 24th Heard on WHFR.FM, 10AM-Noon

Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys live in the studio for an exclusive performance was simply amazing! The insight that she provided on songs made them have even more meaning–if that’s even possible. I want to personally thank Josh Rilko (mandolin), Mark Lavengood (dobro), Keith Billick (banjo), Spencer Cain (bass) and Lindsay Lou (guitar) for an incredible experience!

The first set featured cold weather songs.

The next set featured new songs into the studio that caught my attention. The ones that I picked really had me pumped, too, especially that wicked blues number, “Midnight Creeper!” The Beatlesque Thorcraft Cobra song made me think we switched decades.

And the final set, was a bluegrass warmup set for Linday Lou & The Flatbellys. I thought putting the Charles River Valley Boys right before Steve Martin and Paul McCartney would be any interesting contrast.

Here’s the playlist:

#111 Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys
January 24, 2013

Prologue—Renaissance (Prologue—One Way Records)

Cold Weather
The Fish Is in the Freezer-Uncle Bonsai (The Grim Parade-Yellow Tail)
Moon in Ice-Yello (One Second-Mercury)
Wintertime Love-The Doors (Waiting for the Sun—Elektra Records)
And I Love Her-George Martin (Hard Day’s Night Soundtrack-United Artists)

New Music
Midnight Creeper-Kevin Selfe (Long Walk Home-Delta Groove)
Anyday – Thorcraft Cobra
Hopa!-Talitha Mackenzie (Spiorad-Sonas)

I’ve Just Seen a Face-Charles River Valley Boys (Beatle Country-Rounder)
Best Love-Steve Martin with Paul McCartney (#2210) (Rare Bird Alert-Rounder)
Rain in the Valley—The Steel Wheels (Lay Down Lay Low-thesteelwheels.com)

Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys Live in the Studio (Exclusive)
Hey Little Birdie (A Different Song—lindsayloumusic.com)
Querida Tierra (Release Your Shrouds—Earthwork Music)
The Leaves Are Changing (Release Your Shrouds—Earthwork Music)
The Fix (Unreleased)
Roll On Rayco Roll (Featuring Mark Lavengood)(7” Vinyl)
Leaves and Pods (Release Your Shrouds—Earthwork Music)
All the Rose (Unreleased)
The Power (Release Your Shrouds—Earthwork Music)


Phil Maq

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