Lou Reed, Sonic Graffiti, Tommy Sands, and Jason Didner & The Drive “Deliver the Goods!!”

Lou Reed, who recently passed away, was known for his work with The Velvet Underground. While a lot of that music is great, I personally like this Saturday Night Live performance from 1986 of “I Love You Suzanne” because he looks like he’s having fun for once in his life:

If you like your music raw and in the style of the MC5, check out these guys–Sonic Graffiti:

November 22 is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Irish musician, Tommy Sands, provides a most appropriate new song, “Who Killed JFK?” for the occasion:

I have played quite a few songs from Jason Didner and The Jungle Gym Jam, mostly “kindie” style music. But here is Jason Didner and The Drive tearing it up on “American Road”

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