Ali Spagnola, Wild Ponies, and Ringo Starr Help to Thaw Out a Frigid January!

We should have known just how bad this winter was going to be with the first winter storm of January, Hercules. Here, the very funny–and very cute, Ali Spagnola gives her slightly warped take on “I’m Hooking Up With Winter Storm Hercules”:

Wild Ponies (Telisha Williams, Doug Williams, and Jake Winebrenner) are coming to The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI, on February 13th. Here they perform “Trouble Looks Good on You” in much warmer times. Oh, if we could only have some of that now! Anyway, I like the sultry vocals and the way that drummer Jake has his wallet strategically placed on his snare drum!:

And to really get silly, Ringo Starr made an “appearance” on The Powerpuff Girls last week. Here is the all too cute “I Want to Be a Powerpuff Girl!”:

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