Elvis Presley and Sibling Harmony From The Everly Brothers and The Andrews Sisters!!!

Happy Birthday Elvis!! Here’s the King gettin’ funky near the end of his movie career doing the original version of A Little Less Conversation:

The sad news about Phil Everly‘s passing makes me want to reflect on The Everly Brothers in their prime performing Bye Bye Love on Julius LaRosa‘s TV Show:

Although the pop charts didn’t seem to have room for The Everly Brothers after The 60’s, and the brothers couldn’t help fighting amongst themselves, they had a resurgence in The 80’s spurred by the artists that were fans themselves. Here’s an interesting version of The Everly Brothers singing Why Worry [GSER]–they had already recorded their own version of the Dire Straits song written by Mark Knopfler by this time, who is also here playing with his guitar hero, Chet Atkins.
Mark’s smile says it all:

The Andrews Sisters also had some of the most recognizable sibling harmony! Here they are “hoofing it” in Abbott & Costello’s Buck Privates:

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