Psychedelic Rock: Nina and The Buffalo Riders, Jefferson Airplane, and The Rolling Stones!!!

One of the brightest spots on the Detroit music scene for me recently, has been the arrival of Nina and The Buffalo Riders! A group of six musicians with wide open interests that can really shift gears between and within their songs. In the sixties, they would have been referenced as a “tribal” band, because of their “hippie” tendencies. Nowadays, they just play good music and don’t have to worry about labels. Nina and Ramiro will be guests on my “Theme Attic” show today at 10AM to talk about their album release party this week at Hopcat in Detroit on Friday, May 8th. My favorite song by the Band is “Madness.”

Nina and the Buffalo Riders sight Jefferson Airplane as one of their influences. It’s been years since I’ve listened to “Volunteers” by the band and I had totally forgotten about the swearing on the album. RCA Records had wanted the band to remove the offending words. The band made some concessions, but if you listen to one of their best songs, “We Can Be Together,” you know who won the argument. An interesting aside in the whole matter is that on the lyric sheet for the album, the “f” word was replaced by “fred.”

The warmer spring weather has brought a dandelion invasion into the area so I thought of this song, “Dandelion,” by The Rolling Stones [Hall of Fame]. This is not an official video, but the early slides are fascinating to look at! John Lennon [Hall of Fame] and Paul McCartney [Hall of Fame] sing back up on the tune!

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