Steak and Shakin’ With Signal Flags!!!


Seattle based band Signal Flags released their sophomore album, “Steak and Shake,” a few months ago. It was a follow up to their debut album, “Conversations With Signal Flags,” an album title that always brought me much amusement when I would announce it after I played a song from it. (“How long would a conversation with signal flags take, let alone conversations!”)

With “Steak and Shake,” band members John Giaccone, Mitch Brasch, Dave Tingley, and Doug Patterson have put together an album full of high energy garage rock, southern rock, and classic rock with elements of psychedelic rock thrown in. The psych music rears its head with some mind bending guitar solos!

A couple of weeks ago, the album recently showed up on my Faves Albums List. The band were listening live and recorded this clip of me introducing and playing a track, “Highest Guy,” from “Steak and Shake” on my July 31 “Prime Time Theme Attic” show!

Signal Flags enjoyed my monologue about “Bushel Britches,” a person that I felt may have been a made up person. They have since informed me that Bushel Britches was a “nom de plume” of a former drummer.

So here’s that clip of “Highest Guy” from my show!

I will play another track from the album on this Monday’s (August 14) “Prime Time Theme Attic” along with lots of other great music from 8PM-10PM EDT. Please join me!!!

Here’s a link to stream the show:

Listen live:

It can also be heard at 89.3 FM (WHFR) in the Dearborn—Detroit area!!!


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