Day 2 of New Rotations List: “So Long, It’s Been Good to Know You” by Phil Lee!!!

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So what can I say about Phil Lee’s “So Long, It’s Been Good to Know You” album that would make any sense?

This is Day 2 of my “New Rotations: Albums” list! These are albums that are still in my listening rotation beyond what I would consider to be a normal run on my music player. They are post influence forming, but are awesome nonetheless! They should have been deleted long ago to make room for other music, yet I like them so much, I break my own rules for this music.

The album is all over the place. I guess it’s Americana by genre. I hate that it would fall into a generic category because it’s so much more than that.

It’s twang-meets pop-meets country-meets singer/songwriter-meets Celtic-meets minstrel and damn near anything else you can think of.

This was before Phil’s “Mighty King of Love” years. (Although I think he probably always had that nickname—except when he was a young’un.)

All of the songs are polished, but the observations can be raw.

Several of them can make me cry.

“25 Mexicans” is a subtle song about immigration issues because they’re all living in his childhood home.

“Sonny George” deals with an accident where eleven children are killed in a truck accident.

Now these aren’t Red Sovine weepers. They are honest renderings about real life situations.

Some can make me laugh!

There’s plenty of “love songs.” Of course, they’re done Phil Lee style.

“Killin’ Time” is about an affair that his “lover” is having with someone else, and he hopes that when they’re mattress dancing, she’s not getting enjoyment out of it and is actually thinking of something else. The character appears to be having trouble with reality. But it makes me chuckle to myself.

In “Lovers Everywhere,” Phil sees happy lovers in public places and wishes he “could slap their face” because his character can’t seem to find any. Once again, another chuckle.

But the all out gut buster is “Where a Rat’s Lips Have Touched.” The song deals with his lover’s infidelity with allowing someone else into their bedroom for “one kiss too much—ch!” The overemphasis on exaggerating the pronunciation is funny in itself.

The pseudo—seriousness of the choir of background singers is hilarious! It’s like Benny Hill or Monty Python lives again!

Throughout the album—which sounds like it must have been a blast to make, Mr. Lee takes his craft seriously. The songs are well put together. Arrangements are sharp!

“I Hope Love Always Knows You” was used on a movie soundtrack!

“So Long, It’s Been Good to Know You” is an album that can make you both laugh and cry while you sing along!

How many of those can you think of?

This is another leftover pleasure of an album that stays in my rotation.

Or ya might call it “sloppy seconds.” Or thirds even!

Phil would understand!

But give him a “Neon Tombstone” when he goes. He’s earned it!

I’m not sure when the third album will post, but stay engaged…


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