Phil’s Maq’s Ten Rotation Albums (“New”), Introduction

A couple of weeks ago, WHFR DJ, Mrs. Robinson (“One Plus One Show” heard Sunday Nights from 9PM- 12 Midnight ET), nominated me to do a Ten Album Rotation list of albums that I still listen to. I appreciate the nomination, and I thank her for it!

The last time this came around, I really had a difficult time putting together a list of only ten albums. I know this didn’t stop other people from sharing their lists, and I did appreciate every one I saw.

It always gives some type of insight into what helped and stimulated an artist to develop into what they became and how they continue to evolve in the music world.

Like probably everyone else who put out a list but had trouble stopping at ten, I determined I could pare my choices down to twenty-five reasonable picks.

I never did publish that list.

(However, if I run across it again, I will do something with it.)

Currently, as I have been doing for a number of years, I have been posting a weekly album list of “Phil’s Faves.” You can easily find it, so why would I just post a redundant list of album covers for ten days?

So I threw that idea out.

Here’s some background on how I prepare for my shows, “Prime Time Theme Attic” heard Monday nights from 8PM-10PM ET, and “Theme Attic” heard on Wednesday mornings from 10AM-12 Noon ET.:

I listen to music for both of my shows on an eight gig mp3 player. As I play music that I work into the shows, I typically delete the song(s) and then add more music onto my player. Therefore, the key most often to getting a song on air from me, is to have me place it on this listening device.

It’s always in a state of flux, but it’s not about playing the newest music first. The system itself is made to actually slow the process down. I want the music to grow on me and seep into my brain.

I’m not interested in playing the newest music right now. I’m interested in playing what I consider to be the best music, preferably in a theme. That would make the choices even better!

However, I do make exceptions, and, as a result, play a lot of “newest” music.

Also, once the song is deleted, it is not forgotten. More often than not, it already is on many of my charts and Philby lists.

I currently have 323 albums on my device. It’s made up of almost totally all new albums from 2015-2018.

I can always think of a multitude of ways to slice up my musical tastes. I decided (finally), to settle on two series.

The first one will be albums that are still in my rotation beyond what I would consider to be a normal run on my music player. They are post influence forming, but are awesome nonetheless! They should have been deleted long ago to make room for other music, yet I like them so much, I break my own rules for this music.

I will post them in two ways: one as just a picture on my Facebook pages, both public and personal as the format requests.

However, I will also post them at my website, with typically some thoughts on the album. Once again, I like substance when other artists make their choices, I hope other people will enjoy my insights.

For once, I will not be placing any numerical importance to the albums. They are just beautiful exceptions!

I should also mention, that I don’t think I’ll be able to do this on a daily basis, but we’ll see.

The other series will be my personal Top Ten Influential Albums.


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