Day 4 of New Rotations List: “Revolutions” by The Liquid Scene!!!


“Revolutions” by The Liquid Scene is a special album.

This is Day 4 of my “New Rotations: Albums” list! These are albums that are still in my listening rotation beyond what I would consider to be a normal run on my music player. They are post influence forming, but are awesome nonetheless! They should have been deleted long ago to make room for other music, yet I like them so much, I break my own rules for this music.

It’s a combination of many of the things that I like about psychedelic and prog music.

There’s good melodies and harmonies.

There’s awkward and dramatic chord changes.

There’s sound effects.

There’s sitar!

“Which Side of Time Are You On?” has a harpsichord sounding solo that George Martin might have played for The Beatles ala “In My Life.”

“Love Was Here” could have fit on any prime era Yes album.

“Leave Me Here” is just peaceful and wonderful!

Endre Tarczy’s keyboard work is outstanding.

The Liquid Scene describes itself as “Yesterday’s sounds…today.”

“Revolutions” is serene!

“Revolutions” is mellow!

Yeah! It’s groovy music, man!

Check it out! Here’s “In My Water Room.” I love the statement when the video starts: “The revolution begins with music.” That’s heavy! :

Album five will arrive very soon…


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