The Doors and Time Machines on “Prime Time Theme Attic,” Monday Night, 8PM-10PM EDT!!!

Songs about time machines. Sounds like a pretty good idea, right?

Er, OK.

How about songs about time machines AND 5 new entries on this week’s “Top 9 at 9:09?” OK.

How about adding a rare The Doors song from their last appearance in town with Jim Morrison that got them banned from future Cobo Hall appearances?

Betcha didn’t know about that one!

Anyway, all of these subjects will be covered on Monday night’s “Prime Time Theme Attic” with Phil Maq from 8PM-10PM EDT!!!

Songs by other artists on the show will include The Hangabouts, The Fratellis, Roy Rogers (Blues Guitarist), Matt Harlan, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, Black Sabbath, Lissie, Scott Fab, Bee Gees, Jon Stickley Trio, Amy Petty, Blood Red Shoes, The Whiskey Charmers, Devon Allman (back album cover for “Ride or Die” in the banner), Grand Funk Railroad – Band, Marian Lush, The Masked Marauders, Linda McRae with Ray Bonneville, Mark Jewett Music, Scott Martin BAND, The Beatles, Nick Piunti Music, and maybe more!!!

Tune in to 89.3 FM (89.3 WHFR.FM) in the Dearborn-Detroit area, use this special time machine link to stream it: or use Tune In Player to stream it.

Please share freely with your fans, friends, and families, but say something about yourself in the comments section when you repost it, so that everyone knows why you’re posting it!

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