For the First Time Ever: 2018 Summer New Music Showcase, Pt. 2, Monday Night 8PM-10PM EDT!!!

The fireworks don’t start until almost 10 PM so there is plenty of time to listen to the “First Ever 2018 Summer New Music Showcase, Pt.2” on “Prime Time Theme Attic” with Phil Maq from 8PM-10PM EDT!!! There will also be a “Top 9 at 9:09” of this week’s Fave’s Albums list!

Songs by artist on the show include Erica Blinn (Album cover for “Better Than Gold” on the far right), Pollens (Album cover for “Mister Manufacture” on the far left) , The Ragbirds, Randy Cherkis, The Prefab Messiahs (Album cover for “Psychspoitation Today” second from left), Adam Plomaritas (unreleased!!!), Paul McCartney, Luke Winslow-King (Album cover for “Blue Mesa” second from right), Black Note Graffiti, David Roof, Kostka, Where‘s Keith, Dustbowl Revival, Lara and the Bluz Dawgz, Sumilan, Whit Hill, Billy Brandt Music and The Thing and Stuff Band, Ethan Jodziewicz and Tatiana Hargreaves, Christian Collin, Adrianne Serna Music, Elliot Schneider, Mike Vial, Happy Curmudgeons, Nick Piunti Power Trio +, The Empty Pockets, and maybe more!!!

Tune in to 89.3 FM (89.3 WHFR.FM) in the Dearborn-Detroit area, stream it anywhere in the world with this special Summer new music link : (Press the “Listen Live Now” button), or use Tune In Player to stream it.

Please share freely with your fans, friends, and families, but say something about yourself in the comments section when you repost it, so that everyone knows why you’re posting it!
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