Colors, Pigs and Whiskey: Such Luck! Wednesday Morning on “Theme Attic,” 10AM-12PM EDT!!!

This is more for record keeping. It’s such a cute picture!

Yeah, it’s Colors (for Concert of Colors), Whiskey, Pigs (For Pig and Whiskey), and Luck (for Friday the 13th)! And a “Top 9 at 11:09!”

Songs by artists will include Tom Curless, Jemmi Hazeman & The Honey Riders, Billy Brandt & Sarana VerLin, Jo Philby, Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke, Taller Than They Appear Band, DownTown Mystic, The Native Howl, Ray Vaughn, Dustbowl Revival, Calvin Becker, The Vegabonds, The Detroit Dives, Blue Sparrow, and more!!!



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