Phil Maq and Jaqbeard Together Again!

This show already happened on Wednesday, September 19, 2018. I’m just trying to catch up.

More computer issues. Maybe it would just be better to be a pirate.

It’s time for the annual appearance of Jaqbeard the pirate. Probably against my better judgment, I’ve arranged for him to appear without any brute force being used. On his end. I’m not sure what time he’ll show up because he’s not very reliable. But I have picked some songs to play while he’s here.

They will not be your great-great-great-great-great grandfather’s pirate music!

Of course, there will be other songs, too. Songs by other artists on the show will include Michael Stephens, Deni Bonet, Boo Ray, Annie & Rod Capps, The Hangabouts, Ye Banished Privateers, Bill Grogan’s Goat, Gann Brewer, John Ginty and @Aster, Paddy And The Rats, The O’Reillys and the Paddyhats, Sarah Jane Scouten, Michael Jonathon, and many more!!!

Come on along for the ride and tune in to 89.3 FM (89.3 WHFR.FM) in the Dearborn-Detroit area, stream it anywhere in the world with this special link : (Press the “Listen Live Now” button), or use Tune In Player to stream it.

Please share freely with your fans, friends, and families, but say something about yourself in the comments section when you repost it, so that everyone knows why you’re posting it!

QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ And please feel free to “like” the whole Phil Maq page while you’re on my page! Thank you!

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