Philby Hot 100 Songs of 2018, Pt. 1, Monday Night 8PM-10PM EST!!!

It’s Philby season, baby, and this year it’s going to be extra long because of the holiday season!

Part 1 of this year’s “Philby Hot 100 songs of 2018” will take place on Monday night’s “Prime Time Theme Attic” with Phil Maq from 8PM-10PM EST!!!

I have the Top 89 (89-isn’t that funny, because of, you know, 89.3) slots filled with songs that have appeared on my weekly Fave’s lists.

That means that I have 11 choices for “bubbling under” the Top 10-another reason to submit music for Philby consideration!) and I will select even more brilliant songs for those slots!!!

Also, has been my tradition I will select even more new music that I haven’t played yet to still make albums and artists eligible for my year end albums list–usually as show openers and finales! For this show, those artists will be The Karpinka Brothers and Susie Fitzgerald Music!

Songs by artists on the show, which is still being worked on, will feature Beer Me” by Kevin FisherPhil Lee – The Mighty King Of LoveJo Serrapere & the LaFawndas (Her picture is in the banner in the lower right corner.), TelamorThe WagDeane Nesbitt Jr (His picture is in the upper right corner of the banner.), Gretchen’s Wheel, Sigrid Christiansen, Shawn Adam Williams (His picture is in the upper right corner of the banner.), The RegrettesEscaping PavementMichael Stephens (He is pictured in the middle wearing a hat, or third from the right in the banner.), Nick Moss Band, Ellison (His picture is in the bottom left corner of the banner.), George Stephen Kelly (He is picture in the bottom row, second from the right), John Holk & the SequinsDavid RoofDan Hall,  George Bedard and the Kingpins, and Charley & Jesi!!!

The internet stream is down so you can only catch the show locally on 89.3 FM WHFR in the Dearborn-Detroit area.

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