Happy New Year: My New Year Resolution!!!

Another year is upon us, and tradition has it that I should make some type of resolution.

I really haven’t done this before, so let me see what I can come up with.

Lose some weight?

Ha, ha! That’s a good one!

Get my life in order?

Oh, please, that’ll never happen!

I committed to myself several years ago that as a DJ at WHFR, I would play some new music as part of every show that I’d never played before, no matter what.

I have stuck to that, even when I’ve done shows where I’ve featured primarily “oldies,” like a WKNR countdown, for example.

So let me specify that new doesn’t mean something from the 60’s that I wasn’t aware of. New means something that was released in the last few years and not an archive song.

My resolution is that this year, each one of my shows will include at least two new artists that I have never played before!

And it won’t, of course, be filler music and artists just to meet a goal.

It will be artists and music, just like what I consider myself to play all the time now, that  will be of quality and Philby award eligible candidates!

As I continue on as the Music Director at the station, and obsessively look for new “good” music, I figure I should challenge myself. And I am.

So, Happy New Year everyone.

And since it’s an out with the old in with the new time of year, here’s a classic “Happy New Year” song by Theme Attic Hall of Fame members, Spike Jones and His City Slickers!


I do two shows a week at WHFR in Dearborn, Michigan:

“Prime Time Theme Attic” on Monday nights from 8PM-10PM ET and

“Theme Attic,” on Wednesday mornings from 10AM-12PM ET.

You can here it locally at 89.3 FM in the Dearborn-Detroit area or use this streaming link:


I’d be honored if you check me out some time…and come back to listen! You can even tell your friends to listen, too! Not only just to my show, but the wonderful variety of music the DJs at WHFR play!

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