Denny Laine Checks into Wednesday’s Theme Attic for an Interview, 10AM-12PM EDT!!!

(Sung to the tune of “Penny Lane”) “So, Denny Laine will be a guest on my show today!”

Ok, you can stop singing.

If you can!

Denny Laine is coming to town next month for a show at The Magic Bag in Ferndale!

In case you think you don’t know him, think again!

He was a part of a band with Paul McCartney, and Linda McCartney known as Wings for ten years!!!

So, no, it wasn’t just Paul McCartney.

Denny sang lead on many of the biggest albums in the world during this stretch including “Band on the Run” and “London Town” and co-wrote several songs with Sir Paul. And we’re not even talking about his days with The MOODY BLUES, or Ginger Baker’s Air Force as well as others!

The interview is set up for 11:00 AM EDT, and sometimes these things don’t happen, but I have faith!

Before that will be a “Top 9 at 10:09” countdown of songs by featured artists Ryan LinkRoger Clyne & The PeacemakersDiana Chittester, Donny Brown (Futureman Records), Katy Guillen and The GirlsTHE DIRK KROLL BANDBilly Brandt & Sarana VerLinThe Vegabonds, and Andy Santana Bass and West Coast Playboys!!! Other songs on the show will be Half Hearted Hero, and Building Birds!!!

Come on along for the ride, invite a friend, and tune in to 89.3 FM (89.3 WHFR.FM) in the Dearborn-Detroit area, stream it anywhere in the world with this special Red rose speedway link : (Press the “Listen Live Now” button), or use TuneIn Player or RadioFM to stream it.

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