Mid-Day Theme Attic Returns as World Accents, Wednesday, 2PM-4PM EDT!!!

Mid Day Theme Attic” with Phil Maq from 2PM-4PM EDT returns for a limited engagement!!!

But this time, it will have a slight twist.

I was asked to feature some world music, so I will do that until the weekly countdown at 3:09! Today’s will be my Faves songs list!

It will be a world show with the usual Phil Maq twists!

Music by artists on this week’s show will include The Alonzo Spirit Band (Their album cover for “Kona Coast” is in the upper left corner of the banner.), Linda RonstadtCindy Ruenes MusicLuke Winslow-KingAndy Santana Bass and West Coast PlayboysHannaH’s Field (Their album cover for “Revolutionary Soldiers” is in the lower left corner of the banner.), Jo PhilbyRoger Clyne & The Peacemakers, Donny Brown (Futureman Records), Diana ChittesterBilly Brandt & Sarana VerLinThe Silver SnailsThe VegabondsTHE DIRK KROLL BANDCoral CreekOlivia MillerschinDeni BonetMuriel AndersonJesse Cook with Anwar Khurshid – SitarFusionSultans of String with Anwar Khurshid – SitarFusionTommy Emmanuel, Kevin Laliberte, and Animanz and Juanita Euka!!!

Pack your passport and come on along for the ride and tune in to 89.3 FM (89.3 WHFR.FM) in the Dearborn-Detroit area, stream it anywhere in the world with this special Frenesi link : https://whfr.fm/streamer/ (Press the “Listen Live Now” button), or use TuneIn Player or RadioFM to stream it.

Please share freely with your fans, friends, and families, but say something about yourself in the comments section when you repost it, so that everyone knows why you’re posting it!
And please feel free to “like” the whole Phil Maq page while you’re on it! I don’t know how long so this is going to last, so catch it while you can!!! Thank you!



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