Thank You To All Who Helped Out on Radiothon 2019!!!

When you have a volunteer radio station like, 89.3 FM in the Dearborn-Detroit area, it requires more than just staff members to volunteer to help keep the station running.

It also involves the loyal listeners who contributed donations for Radiothon, the yearly station fundraiser.

That also extends to Henry Ford Campus and others and I’m going to stop there for naming all of those who help keep us going because I don’t want to inadvertently exclude someone.

But I want to personally thank everyone who appeared on both of my shows last week!

This includes Judy BankerDavid Mastick – Bass Page, Ron McPherson of The Detroit Dives, Don Miller and Melanie Parker of Dirty Mind Detroit. Dirk Kroll and Marci Feldman of THE DIRK KROLL BAND, Billy Brandt of Billy Brandt and the Sugaree’s,  George Stephen KellyJanie Next Door – Jane Christison, J.C. Whitelaw of Jc & The Disciples, and Jesse Xavier!!!

When I had this idea of bringing together musicians to discuss, play music, and raise funds for Radiothon, I had no idea how this would work.

I am happy to say that I think it was successful because I have heard from both listeners and participants that they enjoyed it no matter which side of the microphone they were on.

However, if there are some suggestions that would be helpful if I’m lucky enough to put this kind of program together again, please let me know your feedback. Please e-mail me at with your thoughts.

Once again, thank to all and everyone who participated in Radiothon, whether on my show or anyone else’s!!!

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