It’s a Musical Tradition, Thanksgiving Morning, 10AM-1PM ET!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My usual Thanksgiving traditions continues today as I will be doing my live in studio show from 10AM-1PM ET with Phil Maq!!!

(And I may stay longer!

AND AND some of it may be replayed later in the afternoon! I’ll keep you posted on that!)

Along with some Holiday flavored tunes including at least TWO WORLD PREMIERES(!!!) will be a “Top 9 at 12:09” countdown of this week’s Faves songs!

So I will be here if you need some background music or some company. You can even drop in and out. It’s ok because it’s a busy day!

Songs by artists will include Katherine Moller (Katherine MollerPaul McCartneyThe Hangabouts (World Premiere?)(Chipper Saam), Dulcie Taylor (Dulcie Taylor), George Bedard and the Kingpins (George Bedard), Procol HarumMichael on Fire (Michael Colone), Bennett Jackson and the Ranch Hands, John Latini – Roots & Blues Music (John Latini), Mark Jewett Music (World Premiere?)(Mark Jewett), Olivia Millerschin (Olivia Millersandwich), Amy Soucy Music (Amy Soucy), Angela Perley (Angela Perley), Mike Gentry Music (Mike Gentry), Hey MavisAudra Kubat (Audra Kubat), DAVY KNOWLESWindborneJillian Rae (Jillian Rae), Detroit Pleasure Society (Nick SchillaceJennie Knaggs), Hilary JamesErica BlinnJudy Collins, Simon Mayor, Sarah McQuaidShwizZ (Andrew Boxer), The Prime MinistersMatty T Wall (Matty T Wall), Sarah Borges and The Broken Singles (Sarah Borges), Los StraitjacketsCraig Moreau Music (Craig Moreau), Tr3s, and maybe more!!!

Force friends to listen, come along for the ride and tune in to 89.3 FM (89.3 WHFR.FM) in the Dearborn-Detroit area, stream it anywhere in the world with this special tofurky link : (Press the “Listen Live Now” button), or use RadioFM to stream it.

Please share freely with your fans, friends, and families, but say something about yourself in the comments section when you repost it, or copy and paste it so that everyone knows why you’re posting it!
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