Unofficial Philby Best Albums of 2019, Pt.1!!!

The Philby Award

As I post the first unofficial Philby Best Albums of 2019, it’s always a bittersweet moment:

It means that I am closer to the end of the Philbys than I am to the beginning.

As much as I work on trying to find a balance between the “expiring year,” (in this instance, 2016) and the most recent one, I find it to be a strange meeting place where I look backward and forward at the same time.

But then, I remember that I am also closer to the top of the list, and that feeling goes away!

Regardless, The Philbys return on Monday night at 8PM EST!!!

Please join me!

Listen live:

81.Community Aspire—Scott Baker

82. Dudee Free—Big Dudee Roo

83.Momma Liked to Fish—Kathy Wieland

84.Traveling Circus—No Fuss and Feathers

85. Little Bit of Love—The Loving Mary Band

86.Spree—Kid Gulliver

87.We Wonder—Mike Ward

88. When You Go—Tiffany Williams

89. Hush Now: Lullabies For Sleepy People—Liz Beebe

90. Daydream Hawker—Go Fever

91. A World That’s Bigger—Mike Vial

92.Cut Loose, Vol.1—Mick Clarke

93. Songs and Images—Gary Browe

94. Once More With Feeling—The Hackwells

95. Troubled With the Earth—Nick Juno

96. Broken Soul—Dirty Mind Detroit

97.Good Bad Love—Telamor

98.Belle of the West—Samantha Fish

99.Traverse the Universe—Miss Sophie Lee and The Parish Suites

100.Cubicle Zombie—Weather McNabb


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