Memories of Helen

When I started my radio show, I’ve always been lucky enough to have some very loyal listeners.

One of them was my Mother-in-Law, Helen.

She was easy to laugh, and was always kind to me!

Even though she was getting up there in age-she was never into rock music, she always tuned in to my show.

Since I played a wide variety of music, it was always kinda easy to slip in a Frank Sinatra song or something else along those lines.

Her favorite one was “El Paso” by Marty Robins.

Hey! That was a favorite of mine, too, so I might have played that one a couple of times a year.

Towards the end, Helen was almost a captive audience because she wasn’t able to get around much.

However, she listened closely. She wasn’t a musician, but I was amazed how she would make comments about some of the music I played, since it was mostly newer stuff.

She even started liking some of them, remembering their names. I was even more stunned when she would repeat some of the things I would talk about on my show.

My childhood home had quite a bit of music being played.

Most of it was Polish music.

It took quite a few years before the mixture for me was even 50/50 between Pop and Polish.

Helen grew up on Polish music, too!

At her funeral, my wife said that she liked me, but she loved Phil Maq!

Every year on or around her birthday, I would play a terrific version of “Helena Polka” that I ran across by a hot band called Brian Marshall and His Tex-Slavik Playboys!

Well, today is her birthday.

This one’s for her.

Happy Birthday, Helen!!!


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