The Most Awesomest Song of the Day: “Makani ‘Olu ‘Olu” by Allan Thomas!!!

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I want to emphasize mostly, relatively newer music, just like on my Monday night show, “Prime Time Theme Attic.” (Monday nights 8PM-10PM ET when it returns.)

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But I can promise this: I will not force my selections. If something doesn’t hit me, I won’t post one.

Everything I do has always been about shining a spotlight on the artist and their music.

Now I will have the potential to shine 365 more spotlights if I want to!

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Regardless of everything going on in the world that is way more important than my daily post, I will continue, nonetheless, in case someone is looking for a few minutes of respite.


Let’s take a trip to Hawaii and visit with multiple Philby Award winning artist Allan Thomas!

He’s been making music since the 60’s! (I just learned that myself!)

Allan has worked with many legendary artists over the years!

His most recent album, Two Sides to Every Story,” is split almost equally between instrumentals and songs with vocals.

It is almost impossible to categorize, but it does have some jazz tendencies.

Today’s choice is an instrumental called “Makani ‘olu ‘olu” which can be translated as a “perfect wind” or a “sweet gentle breeze.”

Sounding like a track that was left off of Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler’s “Neck and Neck” album, it is just the kind of song to transport you to a virus free fantasy land, just like that breeze:




The Most Awesomest Song of the Day is “Makani ‘olu ‘olu” by Allan Thomas!!!


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