The Most Awesomest Song of the Day: “Tragedy in A Minor” by Skinny Lister!!!

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I want to emphasize mostly, relatively newer music, just like on my Monday night show, “Prime Time Theme Attic.” (Monday nights 8PM-10PM ET when it returns.)

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But I can promise this: I will not force my selections. If something doesn’t hit me, I won’t post one.

Everything I do has always been about shining a spotlight on the artist and their music.

Now I will have the potential to shine 365 more spotlights if I want to!

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Regardless of everything going on in the world that is way more important than my daily post, I will continue, nonetheless, in case someone is looking for a few minutes of respite.


I want to shine the spotlight on one of my favorite bands, Skinny Lister!

They’re listed as a British Folk band but I think of them as a punk band!

Skinny Lister is a multiple Philby Award winning artist that I have been playing since I started doing a show!

The band consists of Lorna Thomas (Vocals) Daniel Heptinstall (guitar, stompbox), Maxwell Thomas (mandolin), Scott Milsom (bass), Thom Mills (drums), and Sam Brace (concertina)!

“Tragedy in A Minor” has already been a #1 Faves song, and is still currently on my weekly Faves List!

It’s from their The Devil, The Heart, and The Fight album.

Most of their songs are routinely up beat with catchy hooks, and “Tragedy in A Minor” is a prime example of that!

When the band came to town last October, I finally got to see them for the first time!

They delivered a high energy show that was even better than what I was hoping for!

The video for “Tragedy” is pretty close to their show experience!

I love to watch the video, and I always get a kick out of Lorna Thomas taking a flying leap after jumping around in her red shoes!

If you haven’t checked out the video yet, I would follow my suggestion and do so!

The Most Awesomest Song of the Day is “Tragedy in A Minor” by Skinny Lister!!!


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