Soon: A New Addition to the Pages of PhilMaq.Com!!!

It’s been almost a year since I started pulling my thoughts together regarding what I feel are some of the “Greatest Songs Ever Recorded!”

I wasn’t exactly sure how often I would do one, but the pandemic left me some extra time (not really, but I made it work).

Since it had always been somewhat of a goal of mine, I’m pretty satisfied with how things have been working out.

I’ve also discovered that if I really like a song, the more I want to write about it and the longer it takes to post!

I feel it’s all worth it since readers and listeners sometimes check out the posts long after they’re posted!

Another benefit will be joining all of the songs together into one big family!

I think it will be a blast to put classic artists like Dinah Washington alongside newer artists like Jeff Scott!

This list will be an ongoing “living list” where I, hopefully, be able to highlight many more songs over time!

Stay tuned…so to speak!


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