New Key Song of the Week: “My Mother Gave the World to Me” by Jubilant Bridge!!!

Since my show is back on the air (“Theme Attic” heard every Wednesday from 2PM-4PM ET! Here’s a link to stream it:!), I’ve decided to alter my New Year’s Resolution. Sorta…

Initially, this was the goal:

Every week, I plan to highlight two acts that I have never played before! 

It was the same one I had two years ago.

When I decided on this goal, I planned to make it more obvious that I was focusing on these highlighted artists by marking the choices as either a “New Key Song of the Week” or New Key Album of the Week.”

Since I started broadcasting again, I now play at least two new artists on average that I haven’t played before. (And I often play way more than that!)

So, the next question became, should I continue my New weekly features?

Before heading back into the studio, I had more time to explore the newest releases–almost in real time.

Putting together my weekly show, is pulling me away from doing that.

At least, I should say,  posting a written article about new music is.

I definitely don’t want to go back to having two more weekly self imposed extra deadlines.

Therefore, I have decided to change how I will post them.

Pre post pandemic, I would only consider artists I had never played before.

Post covid radio hiatus, I will consider all new albums that I listen to, even artists that I have played before and who may even have won Philbys!

I intend to only consider fairly recent releases, but I will decide how recent.

I like the freedom to choose from a larger pool of music.

Sometimes my choice will fit the original parameters, but I think, more often than not, it won’t.

But remember, I am already playing new artists, even if they’ve been an artist for decades(!), on my weekly show.

I also wouldn’t count on the weekly album being a weekly feature. It will be a little less frequent and I like that, too. I will only post when something hits me!

I’m expecting my “New Key Song of the Week” to be posted even less frequently than the album blog. But one never knows. About either category.

When I do make a weekly choice, I will add it to my weekly Faves Lists as before!

Whether I consider them for future lists will depend on whether my “snap judgment” is worthy of that.

The seed for this idea came from old 60’s WKNR (Dearborn, Michigan) music guides, that featured a weekly Key Song of the Week, so it’s kind of an homage to the station.

My distinction will be a weekly “key album.”

I hope you like the changes I have made, and together we will continue to explore new music!


Mother’s Day snuck up on me this year.

It was so early!

Plus my show, “Theme Attic,” heard every Wednesday from 2PM-4:15PM ET, was on Cinco de Mayo, so I was already distracted.

Maybe that’s why “My Mother Gave the World to Me” by Jubilant Bridge hit me in just the right way when I stumbled upon it!

The peaceful tune features Carol Van Alstine’s warm, crystalline lead vocal!

The gifts of the world in the song pass from the world to the mother, then to the child, and back again to the world in a motherly “circle of life!”

Willie Jaeg adds his dulcimer and beautiful harmonies!

Simply breathtaking!

And I will feature this song on my show this Wednesday, May 12, 2021!

Here’s a link to stream it:!

The New Key Song of the Week is “My Mother Gave the World to Me’ by Jubilant Bridge!!!


I’m Phil Maq and I normally do a weekly College radio show, “Theme Attic” which can be heard every Wednesday from 2PM-4:15 PM ET.

Here’s a link to stream it:!

I’m on the lookout for new music and artists!

Actually, I’m looking for any and all “good music” all of the time!

If you read this and want to send me your music, please send mp3s to!

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