“Suitest Day” Returns to Theme Attic, Wednesday, 1PM-4PM EDT!!!

So what is “Suitest Day?”
Well, tune in to “Theme Attic” this Wednesday with Phil Maq, from 1PM-4PM EDT to find out!!!
For the uninformed, “Suitest Day” is my take on “Sweetest Day.”
Rather than have another Valentine’s Day type show, I decided to swap out some letters and devote a show to pay tribute to longer pieces, 5 minutes or more, including some that fit the definition of the musical “suite.” And, as a nod to the weekend holiday, there will also be some “sweet” songs.
Well, at least “sweet” will be featured in the songs.
Don’t worry if you are scared off by the idea of long, boring pieces. Or ones with audience participation that waste time.
I don’t like those either.
Actually, not that many selections will be really long. And don’t forget that a suite can be made up of several interconnected, and sometimes, short sections!
I think it’s a nice mixture of tunes!
And there’s also a Top 9 at 2:09 that will be an exception to all of those parameters!
Songs by artists on the show, (six are from Southeast Michigan!), will include Julianne Ankley, Julianne Ankley & The Rogues, The Regulators, Wild Ponies, Alphanaut (Their album cover for “On Some Planets, This is Pop” is on the left in the banner!), Spirit of 74, Mollywop, Rod Johnson with Lily Roof, Michael J. Miles with Bela Fleck (His album cover for “New Century Suite” is second from the right in the banner!), Your Gracious Host, Joanie Leeds, DeeCRACKS, Joe Peters & Friends with Kitty Campbell, as well as a song from his “Given Birth album! (The album cover is in the banner on the right!), The Bennett Brothers, Vandenberg’s  MoonKings, Sarah Borges, Gerard Smith with Maggie Mccabe, Amilia K Spicer Music, Phil Lee – The Mighty King Of Love, Jessica Tate Harpist (Her album cover for “In the Rain” is in the banner, second from the left!), Travis Bowlin, Terri Binion, TChant TerritorialChant, Imaginary Sons, Nora Jane Struthers, Will Bauermeister Music, and more!!!
Bring some snacks, a positive attitude, a couple of friends to listen with, and come along for the ride Wednesday from 1PM-4PM EDT with Phil Maq!
Tune in to 89.3 WHFR.FM in the Dearborn-Detroit area, ask Alexa or Siri to find the station for you, download the WHFR app, or use this special suitestday link : https://www.whfr.fm/streamer/ to stream it!!!
Feel free to share and spread the fun!
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