The “Theme Attic” Thanksgiving Day Show Returns, Starting at 10AM EST!!!

I’m thankful that the Theme Attic Thanksgiving Show with Phil Maq is back, starting at 10AM EST!!! (It will probably go longer than 12PM, but I’m not sure how long!)
The show is stuffed (See what I did there?) with new songs and a few classics!
It’s the usual themes of home, family, and thanks, but it’s far from the usual fair!
In fact, I would say everything is GREAT.
And there is such a variety that there are sides and choices for many tastes!
Songs by artists will include a brand new touching Gary Browe Music song, Mark Jewett Music, Joanie Leeds (Two Songs!!), Annemarie Picerno – Amplifiedsound, Dick Siegel with David Roof, Judy Collins with Jackson Browne, The Regulators, Becki Digregorio, Suzi Quatro, new Andrew Stonehome, Sarah McQuaid, David Lanz, The Joedai Warriors (Joe Peters & Friends), Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, Mike Gentry Music, Michael on Fire, new Jay Elle, Katherine Moller, Wild Ponies, Stephen Bradley, Brady Clampitt, Gogol Bordello, Magic Music and plenty more!!!
The best way to make sure that you don’t miss a single note is to stream the show from the listen live button on the www.WHFR.FM website, the TuneIn App, download the 89.3 WHFR.FM android app from our website homepage, or ask Alexa to find it for you!
The station is experiencing some construction pain from time to time that will affect the FM signal.
Listen while cooking or relaxing before company, with a friend, but come along for the ride Thanksgiving Day from 10AM-12PM EST (or longer) with Phil Maq!
Here’s the scrumptious link to stream it : !!!
Feel free to share and spread the fun!
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