An Earth Day Focus on “Theme Attic” Wednesday, (2PM-4PM EDT) After Philby Fun, 12PM-4PM EDT!!!

It’s been several years since I’ve taken “Theme Attic” listeners on a local journey to magnificent Mt. Dearborn-the mountain in the Detroit area that is often obscured by clouds.
Will it happen this year?
I’m not even sure if the portable equipment even works!
You’ll just have to tune in to “Theme Attic” with host Phil Maq from 12PM-4PM EDT to find out!
The show begins with a Philby Best Album Countdown #100-81 to get things started between 12PM-2PM EDT!
“Theme Attic” always features new music and artist debuts and that segment kicks off with a brand new song by Editors!
You can find information for that portion of the show in a different post.
This post is about Earth Day on “Theme Attic!”
When the Philby section wraps up, the music will transition to tunes that feature nature oriented musical subjects!
Songs by artists from approximately 2PM-4PM EDT should include many Southeast Michigan artists, among them Rochelle Clark, Mike Gentry Music (both are appearing at 20 Front Street tonight!), Roger Ponder, Gary Browe Music, Mike Ward: PsychoSongs, Tom Alter Music (both are appearing at Foundry in Port Huron Saturday, April 30!), Jeff Karoub as part of Garrison Corner who are appearing tonight at Dearborn Public Library!) The Steve Taylor Three (who are appearing at Otus Supply in Ferndale on Friday, April 29th!), Marty and Kohn, WolfSounds (Wolf B. Reuter with Carrie Ferrario, Lily Roof, Mark Newman, David Roof), Nick Schillace, Rod Johnson, and many other wonderful artists including Nora Jane Struthers, Cary Morin (both are appearing at 20 Front Street on Thursday, April 29th!, Nora Jane is appearing at The Ark – Ann Arbor on Friday, April 29th!) Joe Peters & Friends, fRiCTiON fARM, Rod Abernethy, Deane Nesbitt Jr, Joanie Leeds, Rio Trio, brand new Moreish Idols, Sublunar Minds, The Rifters, and more!!!
So grab a pair of comfortable, get a friend or two to listen with, and come along for the ride Wednesday from 12PM-4PM EDT with Phil Maq!
However, you can also stream the show from the “listen live button” on the www.WHFR.FM website, by the TuneIn App, Simple Radio App, download the 89.3 WHFR.FM android app from our website homepage, or ask Alexa to find it for you!
Here’s a special earthdayshouldbeeveryday link to stream it :!!!
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