Phil Maq Gets Interviewed (It Includes an Eggheads Reference!) on Barker & Broski’s “Making It Small in Music!!!

Making it Small in Music

Several months ago, I got together with Michael Snyder-Barker and Chris Broski–two guys that perform together as the duo, Barker & Broski. (Michael also performs solo and as other performing entities.)

They also do a podcast called, “Making It Small in Music!” It’s a show to focus on musicians and others who are adjacent to the music business, a somewhat amusing platform to pass on info to those in similar situations.

Now, I understand that I easily fit according to the title–not by weight class, but I hesitated to do the show. I’m actually a fairly private person and I’m comfortable asking the questions–not answering the questions! 

Well, after some thought, I decided to allow Barker & Broski to have at it with me.

They were very professional and it was a pleasant time!

They were even very patient when I rambled on for awhile, which seemed to happen frequently.

I agreed to do it, because I felt that if my words could help someone else making it small, then it was worth doing!

Somewhere in the interview, I brought up a Beatles sound alike band called, The Eggheads. They’re a band that is etched in my memory, yet I can barely find a mention of them.

As luck would have it, the concersation motivated me to do a search and I found not 1, but 2 clips of The Eggheads!

This was like hitting a mother lode for me!

Regardless, if you listen to the intderview, you will hear a couple of quirky things that affected how I turned out!

This is the promo blurb I wrote for the episode:

This month Mike and Chris talk with Phil Maq, host of “Theme Attic,” a radio show on Wednesdays from 12PM-4PM ET. It can be heard at WHFR, 89.3 FM in the Dearborn-Metro Detroit area, or streamed in the rest of the world We learn about Phil’s lifelong love of music, radio, and songs—both appreciating others as well as making his own. We also ponder other musical conundrums: How long should songs be?, Are there correct chord progressions?, Are drummers actually musicians? Those are just a few of the fun loving stories you’ll hear on this episode!


My radio show, “Theme Attic,”  is on Wednesdays 12PM-4PM ET.

The show can be heard on WHFR 89.3 FM in the Dearborn-Detroit area of Michigan, or it can be streamed with this link:!

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