International Women’s Day and The 2023 Winter New Music Showcase 2.75 on Wednesday’s “Theme Attic,” 12PM-4PM EST!!!

I’m not sure what is the correct way to convey that message, but I want to send good vibes and a Thank You to all of the women that have helped me and have been an inspiration to me so far on my earthly journey!
For Wednesday’s “Theme Attic” with Phil Maq from 12PM-4PM EST, that means that there will be a total immersion into female artists and their wonderful, musical gifts!
I’m also trying to catch up on my new music showcases, so the show will also be The 2023 Winter New Music Showcase 2.75!
Why 2.75?
Well, I thought I would have three hours or so of new music plus the expected Top 9 at 2:09 album countdown like I would on a normal showcase, yet still allow me an hour’s worth of personal favorites!
However, an hour is nowhere near what I would need!
And four hours isn’t enough either, but it’s the best I can do this time around,
Stats are really good, too!: 22 artist debuts, 26 new releases, 11 artists with Southeast Michigan ties, 17 singles!
I will divide the tags into sections, but they will only be an estimate.
I can’t guarantee that everything will fit into those slots, but I will try very hard to stick to them!
And…they are NOT in chronological order.
Songs by artists between 12PM-2:09 PM EST should include Prima Queen, Julieann Ott, Angela Perley(Her new album cover for “Turn Me Loose” is second from the left in the banner!), Kennedy One Music, Kate Hamann, Kathleen DeView (The album cover for her new release, “Kathy’s Songs,” is on the left in the banner!), Yew Haiku, Harmonious Wail, Niecie Blues (Her album cover for “Queen of the Hill,” is second from the right in the banner!) Terri Camilari, audiobooks, Ruth Bloomquist (Her album cover for “One Day Ain’t Enough,” is on the right in the banner!), Julia Crafton Music, THEIA, Tina Ross (The album cover for her “While I’m Here” album is third from the left in the banner!), Lady Lark, Lanterns On The Lake, Lauren Anderson, Vanessa Collier (Vanessa is playing The Ark – Ann Arbor in Michigan on Thursday, March 9th!)(Vanessa Collier), Afrodizzy, Arlo Parks, Cedars, Kirby Heard – Songs from the Heart (Kirby Heard), Abby K, and more!!!
Songs by artists from 2:09PM-4PM EST should include Liz Miller, Annie Capps, Irene Pena (Irene Peña Zeilman), Sarah Morris, Karan Casey (Her album cover for “Nine Apples of Gold” is third from the right in the banner!)(Linden Thoburn), Kate Hinote, After Blue, Judy Banker, Analea Brown, Judy Nazemetz, Julianne Ankley, Sharon Tse, Ariane Lydon, Altan (They will be playing The Ark – Ann Arbor in Michigan on Tuesday, March 14th! Martin Tourish), Donna Herula, Erin Zindle, Karyn Oliver, Mindi Abair, Lemonade Shoelace, and more!!!
So bring your appreciative ears and an open mind, get a friend or two to listen with, and come along for Wednesday’s “Theme Attic” from 12PM-4PM EST with Phil Maq!!!
However, you can also stream the show from the “listen live button” on the www.WHFR.FM website, by the TuneIn App, Simple Radio App, download the 89.3 WHFR.FM android app from our website homepage, or ask Alexa to find it for you!
Here’s a twopointsevenfiveshowcase Link to stream it :
Feel free to share and spread the fun!
If you like what you see, don’t forget to spread the word and then follow the link to the Phil Maq page and give it a “likesy!” I would so appreciate that!











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